Wednesday Eu-Mak: A Soul Comeback!

011316_vos_01Hello and happy Wednesday, yeoreobun. Yeap, it is another Wednesday. And I hope it is not too late for me to wish you a very Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! For you singles out there, did you review a lot of hong pau (red packet)? *smiles* Amuden, my wish for all my readers to have a very prosperous, exciting and healthy year. And to start of today’s post is a major comeback by V.O.S. Yes, Voice of Soul. The group has come a looooong way. Formed in 2004, the trio became two-member group when Park Ji Hun departed in 2010. But as of last year, he rejoin the group and now back to a trio group again. I’m so happy that the did. V.O.S was one of the groups I listened quite often back in the day. *giggle* back in the day… as if I’m that old! *laughs*


So let’s start with their comeback song that was released on January 13, 2016. The song is called The Only One For Me. This is an amazing comeback song and video. The song is heart-wrenching and memorable it made me feeling so sad… Their vocal is stunning, super ballad-y as always. Please tell me you don’t feel like crying after hearing the song and watching the MV.

So yeah, I just can’t helped but listening to the song over and over again. The followings are some of my favorite songs from V.O.S. I hope you enjoy them!

And a bunch of great drama OSTs!!!!!!!!

Okay, I think I should stop, right? I hope you love all the songs I pick for you! With that, I wish you a good day and great week! I will be on hiatus again starting this Friday. I’m heading out to India on work and hope I will be blogging on and off from there. But, as you know, work comes first. Otherwise, I will see you in March!





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