Just Watched: Choco Bank

Choco-Bank-Exo-KaiWhen life is busy, you squeeze in some web drama in between. And exactly what I did when I was on work travel. Choco Bank was my main squeeze. It was a quick 6-episode, stress and tension released drama that you must watch when you have less than an hour and half time to spare. The story is simple and cute. In the beginning, I was worried that there will be a triangle love but it didn’t turn out to be. Phew… I worried for nothing. It started with Ha Cho Co (yeap, that’s her name), opening her chocolate bakery business. She’s an old school baker business woman who knows nothing of the new financial technology world. Basically she needs help. A lot of help since she is soooooooo clumsy! And then we get a jobless yet perfect and handsome looking Kim Eun Haeng, who’s been dreaming of being a banker but never landed one. The two crossed path one day and made a pack. She will offers a job but in return he will bring money in through giving financial counseling to her clients (as well as managing her financial).


For all I know, Kai in his first acting gig isn’t bad at all. I think this boy has major potential. He can’t be a lead yet since he has a lot to learn but he did really good here. Park Eun Bin as clumsy Choco seems pretty weak in acting next to Kai, to be honest. Maybe because PD-nim wanted to highlight Kai. *shrugs* Anyway, as a web drama, Choco Bank was short and sweet and I’m glad it stays that way. I wouldn’t want to see it as a drama series… I don’t find love in financial love plot drama *grin*.


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