Currently Watching: Love That Makes You Cry


My dear readers, you guessed it right! I’m watching another Japanese drama once again. I don’t know why… Bel is partial to blame for this *giggles*. Yes, I’m playing victim! *sticks tongue out*  The short episode, the short series… What is not too like? Imagine if we could get two episodes per week. Hmmmm, wishful thinking *wink*. So yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Love That Makes You Cry. They need to rename this show to Love That Frustrates You. Really, I’m not joking! The series frustrates me but at the same time, I’m addicted to it. I just can’t help it. I guess I should accept the fact that it was written the way as it is to get the audience engage with the show. But if they let it resolve quicker, we won’t have a drama, wouldn’t we? *laughs* I know, I know. I should be more understanding since I’m a seasoned drama watcher, right? Nope, I’m only human, y’all. *giggle*


So what can I say with Love That Makes You Cry? Let me tell you the story life of Oto. She is one bubbly girl that you’d enjoy being with. Sadly, her mother passed away too soon. Oto was then adopted by an older couple. The man is a grumpy whereas the mom is bed rested (from sickness). It seems that Oto was adopted to care for her adoptive aging parents and to take care of the household. Poor child, I tell you. But she decided to escape them when they arranged her marriage with a man 20 years her senior! What on earth are they thinking? There’s only one reason to this. The family is poor and marrying Oto to a wealthy old man would takes care of her, dowry and her aging family. *sigh* I didn’t know such practice exist in Japan.


Before her escape, Oto met with Ren aka Mr. Mover. Ren works as a mover, from one house to another. The two made some connections but never went far due to their responsibilities to their elders. Like Oto, Ren is an orphan as well and living with his grandpa. And Ren had to make a living to not only support himself and his grandpa, but to claim back the life the two were robbed when his grandpa was cheated on. Money all gone so Ren decided to move to Tokyo. Oto moves to Tokyo as well and work as an assistant in an old folks home. One day, Oto and Ren coincidently met with while in Tokyo. To be honest, Oto has been keeping her eyes wider and hoping to bump into Ren. But the unspoken love has its own limitation. Ren has someone in love with him dearly and it gives cue to Oto to back off. Meanwhile, Ren is in dilemma. Kihoko, a friend he met in Tokyo, is in love with him; Konatsu, the girl from his hometown, is deeply in love with him; and he doesn’t know how to turn them down and just let them know that he is in love with Oto. Well, good luck, Ren!


7 episodes has aired so far; we have 3 episodes to go before the series ends. Ren moves back in with his grandpa but left again; Ibuki asked Oto to go steady while dealing with ; Konatsu finally gets it that Ren doesn’t like her; Haruta is willing to do anything for Konatsu; and Oto just trying her best to live her life. Oy, the madness of love triangle. Will Oto and Ren able to stand up for the right to love one another? Do they have to continue to sacrifice their lives for other’s happiness? Yeap, either way… this is the Love That Makes You Cry.



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