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51449145Yeap, not the planet Mars. It is MARS. The Japanese drama adapted from a manga of the same title, MARS. Apparently, the Japanese are 12 years late in making of this drama. The Taiwanese version came out in 2004. Bel has been persistently insisting that I must watch the Taiwanese one. It must be really good since she continues to tell me again and again how much she loved the TW version. And you know I always listen to her… So stay tune on the TW version review. 52772999Now, since I have not read the manga as well, I will do my best to give my synopsis on MARS. I’m a blank canvas so everything is new. But now that I’m thinking of it, after watching 7 episodes in, there is nothing new about the story. Really nothing. It’s a high school drama on “wow, I like you do you like me, too?” and “hmmmm maybe I do, maybe I don’t but I don’t know what this feeling in me is saying.” Yeah, kinda like that. One thing is weird is that it is difficult to see Japanese high school students without uniform. How is that possible? Can anyone confirm this with me? Wait, I could ask my good friend! D’oh *slaps head*Hdd2016-01-24-16h30m04s38-825x510The story goes between Kira and Rei. Kira is a very shy and introvert student. Her specialty in arts really intrigued Rei. Rei is an extrovert student. Being an extrovert, Rei is quite a popular kid in school. Throughout the episodes I’ve seen, these kids are just trying to get along together. It is all moving so fast and before you even get to blink, Kira and Rei started going steady. Yeah… This is what happened when the drama is less than 30 minutes long and only has 10 episodes. How are they going to cram all 21 TW version episodes into 10 episodes? I know they wasted no time in introducing us to Kira’s and Rei’s past. I heard that the two have troubling past. I could tell with Rei but not with Kira. Rei does look like he has had a violent history. He seems to be hiding it really well behind his cool and collective persona. But you can see his dark side, a very subtle side, of course, several times throughout the series. But with Kira, I couldn’t tell. Behind that dolly face, I’m not sure what she is hiding. She seems very submissive. She gets bullied easily by the girls. When her English teacher tried to grope her, rather than defending herself, instead she did not make a single move but closing her eyes and biting her lips. And hoping for the best? If not for Rei, she would have been groped too many times! *shakes head* f0e851f3cc83ef062ae86244058c06de

So these kinds of things really made me cringe. Besides watching the love birds falling in love, you will also witness a series of Rei’s baggage. If I am Kira, I would stay away from Rei as far as possible. His bad boy look and personality really don’t match of Kira’s next door girl personality. And then we have Masao. Masao and Rei know each other from the middle school. But Masao has been missing school due to illness. If you take a look at him, he is a very mysterious boy. I really can’t read his intention. Whether he is genuine or not, he is someone Kira must stay clear from. I can see Masao liking Kira…Well, I can see all boys liking Kira. She’s different than other girls in the school. She is, as I said, quite submissive and docile. She is someone a guy wants to protect. Yeap, that’s Kira. You can imagine why the girls are hating her. Oh, wait…. Back to Masao! When Rei passed out, he kissed him! Now, what was that? *shifty eyes* 010f861c57a01def0e1f662dde07459cThere are 3 episodes left, I think. Can the production wrap MARS nicely without us feeling hanging? I don’t know what to think. At this point, I still don’t know about their past. I really want to know their stories. I am curious. I nearly drop this show because the pace of this drama is quite fast. The writers skip all sort of introduction and force us to fill in the blanks on our own. The male lead is a bit weak; the female lead is too subtle. I cannot see her trouble behind her pretty face. But what keeps me going is the story. As I said earlier, I’m  curious. So you will see me watching MARS to the end. Will I recommend it to you? I don’t know… Please give an episode or two before deciding whether you want to invest your time or skip it. Good luck! Hdd2016-01-24-16h32m23s151



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