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I was depressed early this morning. I thought my world would crumble down. Signal ended. The ending prompted for a second season. I guess I just have to live with it. And then daylight saving time happened. I woke up at 935am when it supposed to be 835am. On top of that, the weather is gloomy. It still gloomy… How can I not be depressed, right? I browsed my Plex and saw Go Princess Go. I sat in my corner and rocked myself back and forth thinking whether I should just plunge into it or continue with one of my dailies. As soon as I realized that the episodes  are at most 25 minutes long, I told myself I need this break. And I need to shake this depression off of me.


I have to say I’m happy with my decision. Go Princess Go is light and funny. Like Bel said, it is a parody drama. It sure is! You will randomly hear English (sorry, cheers!) and Korean (oppa, eottoke) in this drama. I just couldn’t stop laughing! Really, what a brilliant idea, writer! Go ahead and tickle us! And tickle us hard! To be honest, I’m not a fan of slapstick comedy-drama. I find it really cheesy, dreadful and turn off. I got that feeling in the beginning but as the drama progress, I found it downright funny. I no longer wants to quit, especially when I saw the Crown Princess! *loves at first sight* *wink*


Go Princess Go tells a story of a womanizer trapped in a woman’s body! While trying to save a woman that fell into a pool, Zhang Peng was accidentally sent back to a thousand years into the past. When he woke up, he found himself trapped in a woman’s body. Not just any woman, he iss trapped in Crown Prince’s wife body, Zhang Peng Peng. Peng quickly try to find ways to get back to his time and get back to being a real and horny man. I did not just say that, did I? Anyways…, while trying hard to go back to his world, he has to go through what we women face every month. The scenes were hilarious. On top of that, he continues to be a womanizer under Peng Peng’s body. It was a great opportunity for him to ogle on women as Peng Peng.

Sadly, no matter how handsome the Crown Prince is, Peng is not interested in him since he is a pure man through and through. But the more he resists, the more the Crown Prince is in to him. Peng Peng is a beautiful Crown Princess and Peng really uses her body towards his advantages. He also found out that the ninth Prince is in love with Peng Peng. As a man, Peng understood the men’s feeling towards Peng Peng. However, the men assumed that whatever Peng did was out of jealousy. So the misunderstanding remains the same regardless what Peng is doing.


This 35 episodes drama ended in January. For a drama with only 25 minutes long per episode, I would say Go Princess Go fits to be categorized as a web drama. Right now, I have seen 15 episodes. So what do I expect from this epic drama? Honestly, I don’t know. I kinda want Peng to embrace his womanhood *giggle* since he knows what the men is thinking. Buttttt….. it is unfair since he only desires women. I really want him to go back to the present time. This quirky and racy drama is definitely a drama you want to watch. Ever since I announced Go Princess Go on my Breaking News post, I was told that there are three alternative endings for this drama. Now that’s one thing that could throw me off. Whyyyy? Stop messing with us! Regardless, I will definitely check all three of them. And whatever it is, you must watch Go Princess Go. I will judge you if you aren’t!



9 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Go Princess Go

  1. I’ve watched this drama three times and I love it! The budget was very low, which made it even better. I loved all the characters and alternate endings 😁 A+++


  2. It took me 5 episodes and a long conversation with my sister about the director’s wonderful scenes and stills and his obvious fight against gay-themed dramas censorship in China to be completely surrender into craziness 😉
    PS I liked all alternative finales including the third one. The fist one is the most artistic though!

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