Breaking News: Tribes and Empires: Storms of Prophecy


I’d like to thank Heisui of My Drama Tea for tweeting Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy trailer earlier today. This drama is not on my radar. The quality of the vid (well, at least from my home) was bad. I hope you get to see it better from wherever you’re streaming it. I looked it up on MDL and liked what I read. A story on half-human, half-spirit prince really intrigued me. But 50 episodes long is a bit intimidating. I hope the episode is not an hour long… *fingers crossing*. It’s a revenge fusion period Chinese drama. I might like this since I am enjoying Go Princess Go so much. But this one ain’t funny, y’all. This drama demands our full attention. Am I ready for it? I don’t know but we shall see. I’m pretty sure we will get to see it uploaded somewhere soon! So be on the lookout, peeps!


13 thoughts on “Breaking News: Tribes and Empires: Storms of Prophecy

  1. The trailer got me hooked but I know none of the cast except for Huang Xuan who is in Legend of Mi Yue that I am watching right now XP
    I will watch it if it gets subbed, for sure with my drama buddy LOL


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