Just Dropped: Descendants of the Sun

Descendants_of_the_Sun-p1This drama has put me to snooze so many times and really, I really just can’t continue with it anymore. I feel that it is challenging my intelligence. I know a few of military stuff since I’ve been growing up watching a lot of war documentaries and movies with my late dad and hub. But when I notice that the writer did not fact check on some military policies and procedures, I feel very disappointed and frustrated. Is it so hard to check facts? I’m sorry, this time, I really can’t let it slide…


I have no problem with the storyline whatsoever though. It is all oh so beautiful. The cinematography is very beautiful. The Songs (Joong Ki and  Hye Kyo) are pretty people. The abs were delicious! *licks* But my brain shuts down and rejects Descendants of the Sun. And with that, I have no other excuses but to drop it. Drop it while it is hot! This is a rare moment and you know I hardly drop dramas. I always give my all out but I’m determined to just move on… *sigh*. 


My wish is for someone to bottle up all the gorgeousness of the OTPs into one hour clip and post it up on YouTube. Yes, I will watch that! Are you still watching it, chingu? If you dropped it, please tell me why…  Can you smell my guilty when everybody else are still enjoying it? *cries* 




27 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Descendants of the Sun

  1. I just watched the whole thing yesterday. I like it so far, but I have a thing for SJK, bromances, and Daniel. I like the romances, but that is not what is keeping me engage. I love the setting so gorgeous. I don’t know anything about the military so all that has flown over my head.


  2. That’s your opinion ur entitled to it, here’s my opinion to you, smarty ass.. Don’t your mother told you ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, better not say at all?jerk… You hurt others feelings , you know that?


  3. I keep watching it out of habit, but I’m really hating the music supervisor who puts the music cues where they aren’t needed. Between the dialogue and the acting the mood is already set, and the inserting of power ballads in the romantic scenes seems like overkill. Overall, the drama feels to me like a long Michael Bay movie, and I keep expecting the Transformers to show up. I don’t blame you for dropping it.

    Keep writing your opinions! It’s why we visit your blog! Why would I visit a blog that only said nice things?


    • Thanks! I do think the producer is overusing and abusing the music and the songs. It gives me the Heirs moment which… Let’s not go there.

      And you’re so right about it and MB’s Transformers. They build up our excitement for nothing and then I deflated with disappointment. The so-called cliffhangers were nothing. Sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by *waves*

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  4. Remember how I got so excited watching the first 2 episodes? and gushing on kakao with you girls? I was so happy I finally liked a drama! 😛
    By the following week, I couldn’t get through episode 3 and dropped it like a hot potato!
    Hahaha there goes another KDrama!

    But seriously, anyone can be allowed to drop a drama they don’t like, we have so many dramas and so little time!!

    So, uri dongsaeng, screw that person and continue to write what you want to write!!
    Bravo, and keep being honest with your feelings and thoughts!


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