Wednesday Eu-Mak: Fly…

got7_1456674988_af_orgHello! Yes, yes… I’m alive and breathing. I have been super busy and tired lately to blog. Real life has been pulling me down left and right! I wish I could escape life but where can I go? All I know is just I want to fly… Fly high into the sky! And speaking of flying, GOT7 released Fly 3 days ago… How appropriate!

I’ve never taken a time listening to GOT7, to be honest. *ducks from GOT7’s fans*.  I don’t know why. I guess I was not interested in them. But today, I decided to give it a  hear. Well, I am okay with the song. Not bad but not the greatest! I’m quite surprised by the number of views this video has got! Wow! I’m bitter and salty… Why can’t I get this much of view with my favorite group, MBLAQ? I guess GOT7 has bigger stan than A+. Anywho, please enjoy Fly…. And please have an awesome day for me! Coz I can’t right now… T___T


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Fly…

  1. Heh…..I think MBLAQ prefers to keep their stan exclusive; therefore, only the truly enlightened appreciate that they are light years apart (and ahead) of other groups who can only aspire to be as musically adventurous, eclectic and independent as they are. With MBLAQ, it is all about quality and not quantity.~^^


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