Just Watched: Nigeru Onna


I’m feeling rather sad that most of Jdramas are ending this week. I mean my watch list is clearing up. It is good to clear my list but I quickly feel empty knowing that it will be a short list. So Bel quickly added Nigeru Onna to our watch list. The synopsis seems enticing for me to watch it. I don’t know… Lately, I’m into dark dramas. For some reason, I feel satisfied watching twisted dramas. It is gratifying and rewarding to my appetite. Call me crazy….. Or am I starting to feel Himura Hideo on me! I feel like killing someone!!! Not literally, of course! *laughs* 


Anyway, Nigeru Onna is a drama that you don’t want to mess up with. It’s very dark, very scheming, and very realistic! Perhaps it is one of the best wrongfully accused dramas of all time! Nigeru Onna is flawless and perfectly written. To be on the side of a wrongfully accused, to be in her shoes and understand how she is treated, looked, perceived and to be on her side to seek the truth are simply factors that made me marathon the last 4 episodes.


Perhaps, this is a really straightforward drama that you shouldn’t miss. Rieko was finally released from the prison after wasting 10 years of a crime that she never committed in the first place. Once out, her goal is to seek the truth from Azumi, her good friend, who was Rieko’s only alibi. It took her searching to countryside to find Azumi. While searching for her, Mio is following her every move and in the end, she pretty much attached herself to Rieko. Mio does not leave Rieko alone. She is weird and acted as if she’s Rieko’s personal angel. But Rieko does not know Mio’s dark life. She has committed REAL murder prior to following Rieko. One day, Rieko’s purse was snatched and Mio ran towards the thief and got Rieko’s purse bag. But Rieko does not know that the thief is now dead. Killed by Mio. Why would she kill him?


Either way, Mio has her own purpose. She wants to die but never dare to commit her own death. Rieko wants to live and wants to find the truth. These two are two sad characters. Rieko never got her answered because Mio killed Azumi. So the show ended without us knowing why Azumi confessed that she never met Rieko in the first place that led Rieko being condemned as a murderer. The show itself is not just about these two. Sakuma, the police officer, felt guilty over his rushing in fingerpointing at Rieko for Takuya’s death. And now he wants to protect her. But his so-called protection out of fear that Rieko would kill Azumi appeared to Rieko as if he is waiting for her to kill, again.


Ahhhh this show has so much goodness! In fewer than 6 episodes long, this is one drama you should not miss. I strongly recommend Nigeru Onna! For all the reasons… You will feel empathy with Rieko the most. I would love to tell you about Mio. The actress playing Mio is fantastic! She did a good job playing a creepy and crazy character. Overall, this is a must watch drama. You won’t regret it! Plus, it is refreshing to watch strong female characters in a drama. So refreshing!



10 thoughts on “Just Watched: Nigeru Onna

      • She may not be clueless if the police guy tells her what sensei said or if she listened carefully to Mio’s big, final rant about her not understanding feelings of people just by asking. Sensei pretty much told us, the audience, why Azumi did it. He was Azumi’s voice after death.

        I think Rieko saying she was changed by Mio means she kind of understands. Mio is Azumi. Mio gets revenge with a gun. Azumi got revenge with a lie. Pain makes you lash back. Knowing Mio probably clarified things in Rieko about Azumi….


    • It was about injustices heaped on many women (and men) some hugely brutal and some less brutal–Azumi and Mio and TAtsuya as children, Rieko in the false conviction, Rieko’s family, Sensei (who lost his wife due to a lie and ended up leaving his job and having to spend 8 years to seek truth), the breadshop owner whose husband cheated on her and lied to her, the shop owner who was mistreated by mother, the wife of the cop who had her husband constantly mistrust her. One could even consider that the purse snatcher did not deserve the death penalty (though it’s harder to mourn criminals than abused children). That was an injustice.

      Mio was actually a source of divine retribution, a fury: she murdered criminals and wrongdoers. The purse snatcher, men who abused her, Azumi the perjurer, and she shot the cop who perverted justice. The guy in prison for killing Mio’s parents was also a divine justice. They victimized a child and they ended up victimized.

      There is this odd sense of righting wrongs in this story along with the them of “Why do people commit crimes?” We know in part why–revenge, anger, mental illness, pain, insecurity, fear, hate, etc. If the cop had not been trying to compensate by keeping track of Rieko, Rieko would have been in prison again, tied up with Mio’s crimes. The fact that he tried to right his wrongs ended up to Rieko’s benefit. He was like a guardian angel, just as Mio was like this echo of Azumi –a chance for Rieko to really attach, not just intellectually study–and the scourging fury of the gods.


  1. The show gives so many initial hints as to reasons why people believed in her guilt and why Azumi might have lied (liars lie, envy, etc). BUT…I think the answer came from Sensei. Azumi felt betrayed by Rieko and held her responsible for Tatsuya’s death, even if it wasn’t a direct killing.

    Doesn’t justify perjury or sending her to prison and going off to lead a happy life. But love can turn to hate, and a sense of betrayal makes all sorts of evil possible. Azumi got back at Rieko by lying. And Mio got back at Azumi by killing her.

    I actually wanted to see Azumi and Rieko’s meet. But I see a kind of odd justice in Mio killing her. What Azumi did was evil and she got bit by it.

    So many suffered as a result of what happened….there is no way to feel happy at the ending. It lays out starkly how harsh the world is and the only solace is to hold on to people we love as best we can, because an evil and terrible thing can happen at any moment, and there are always those who want to see happy people “fall.”

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    • Believe it or not, I don’t remember the details anymore. I’m now living through your comments. Yes, I wished we could have seen Azumi and Rieko. I hated Azumi so much and the show left Rieko in limbo. Poor girl.


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