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mainPlease Love the Useless Me ended and I’m totally sad. Bel knows I am sad. She is, too. As a replacement, she got us Sumika Sumire. This drama is meant to fill in the void and to wash away the bitterness that Love That Makes You Cry did to us. Either way, this is another Japanese drama I added to my watch list. I apologize if you’re upset that I’m not watching and blogging kdrama as frequent as I often do. It’s not that I’m losing interest, but at the moment none of the kdramas are grabbing me tightly. Well, *giggle* I lied. There is one that I’m watching and you’ll know which one I’m talking about once I blog it.


Sumika Sumire wrapped its airing date three days ago and now I’m just waiting for the final two episodes to be released and subbed. As usual, this drama was never on my radar. The title itself was not really interesting but I’m curious what it is about. The synopsis sounded interesting. It’s going back to your younger self! It reminds me of 13 going on 30 (but in reverse)! It sounds fun, right? If you have seen Back to 20, you will understand it. I love this kind of premise! I’m always curious what would happen next. Heck, I wanna be in my 20s again!


Sumi is a 65-year old spinster. With her mom’s passing, she started rewinding down and looking back how much she has lost her youth through working for the family business. On her way back from her mother’s funeral, she met Mashiro, a young and handsome college boy. Sumi blushes at the touch of his hands to hers. That night, she wished that she could be in love, going back to school and does all the things she had missed all over again. Well, her wish is Rei’s command. Rei is like a genie in the bottle except he’s a monstrous black cat trapped in a painting on a folded wall divider that has been kept for years. But of course, he does not appear as a cat. He appears like a regular man you would see on the street except he is always in black color attire. Rei granted Sumi’s dream and turned her into a 20-year old self again. But, there is a catch! Just like Cinderella, Sumi will turn back to her OLD self at 11pm and will stay OLD until 1 am. That two-hour window can be tough especially when Sumi is out to have fun!

01 (1)

As a start, Rei changed her name to Sumire – to reflect her new (but not new) appearance. Sadly, Sumire’s mind does not change. She has difficulty mingling with the youngsters, she dresses conservatively, she talks like an old woman (after all, she is one mentally!), and she moves like a granny. It was a big adjustment for Sumi. Mashiro, the boy she met, immediately attracted to Sumire but he was stunned that everywhere she goes, or in whatever dying situation she is, he noticed that Rei is always around! She introduced Rei as her distance relative who is her protector. But Rei turns out to be overly protective of her.


Sumire’s love with Mashiro blooms but when she found out that he’s suffering a terminal illness, she decided to give up her life for his. By giving up is to let him live with the magic Rei has given to her and quit being his girlfriend. When Mashiro founds out about what she did, her true self and Rei’s identity, he was dumbfounded. And guess what? That’s all I got up to episode 6. The preview to episode 7 was interesting. For a start, a massive 5 year time jump! Mashiro and Sumire decided to be friends (of course they did – I don’t think Mashiro would like to date a 65 year old woman!) and Sumire pursued her dream career! Rei disappeared but keeps Sumire within his sight.

01 (2)

What do I expect for the next two episodes? I want to know how Sumire juggles her double life and wonders if she will ever finds love. I have this hunch that Rei is in love with Sumire. As for Mashiro, I don’t know if he will ever accept her since he’s seen the real Sumire (or Sumi). Can he be in love with a grandma? *pulls hair* I really don’t know. I left out one character in here. Yoshinogo is Rei’s fiancée. Like Rei, she too was trapped in the wall divider. I’m not quite sure her role in this drama but she certainly could smell Rei’s attachment with Sumire. This drama is only 8 episodes long. I think it is worth watching for the fun of it! The pace is nice. I’m curious how this drama is in manga since it is adapted from the same title. But who am I kidding? I rather watch than read manga… I’m lazy like that *winks*.

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