Just Watched: Blood


From one controversy drama post to another! Yes, I’m talking about Blood. When Bel and I discussed on Tweeter whether we should watch it, we received zero support. “Think twice before you watch it!” or “Go YouTube a scene clip and you will understand why this is a must NOT watch drama!” Oh, wow. The overwhelming of outrageous support took us by surprise. WE have heard how bad it was but ever since the article Drama Fever posted on the OTP’s real life love, our curiosity won over us. How can we not, right? We must judge it for ourselves!


For the record, we completed Blood in three days! THREE DAYS!!!! And we kept our watch in secret (okay, my big mouth spilled it to a few people) and we continuously to tweet each other via DM. Bless the Twitter DM. And strangely, we were so absorbed in it and we kept telling each other that we cannot find the show painfully annoying nor uninteresting. Are we that ignorant? Or is it because we are so immune with overacting and overzealous in dailies that Blood turns out to be extraordinarily entertaining and acceptable?


I asked Bel her opinion and this is what she has to say:

“A funny thing happened on the way NOT to this drama, Blood (2015). Not only did we ignore everyone’s opinion and watched in secret; but an amazing thing happened… We liked it!!! Mickey!!! We liked it! Okay, this is really not unusual, folks! My drop list is full of drams that people liked that I either hated, couldn’t finished or just blame didn’t understand the excitement for!

Here’s the strange thing about Blood. It really wasn’t a medical drama! At least, I never looked it as such! Brain is a medical drama! The Virus! Hell, even the crappy Medical Top Team was really a medical drama! Blood was simply about a man who finds himself affected by a disease and is searching for the cure. I admit that a lot of the supporting characters like Joo Hyun Woo truly added substance to this drama; however, we watched it in 3 days and I cannot say I was even, truly bored!”


And there you have it, folks! Bel and I against the world! WE did it and happy to say we are completely satisfied with the drama! Tell us what it is about Blood that you dislike. Bel and I would love to hear it from you!



15 thoughts on “Just Watched: Blood

  1. I haven’t heard great things about Blood, but this makes me want to watch it! Sometimes it’s hard to take the plunge into a drama when all you hear is negativity, even if it’s something you may personally enjoy ^^


  2. Just finished Blood! I enjoyed it. Laughed the whole first episode-the dad death scen was funny, JS eating and crying because of the deer, and the men in hoodies. I’ve watched the actors in the drama, but I know they have a rep for bad acting, which I didn’t see(well) GHS crying face was weird, but I loved the otp moments and OMG when HW died 😭😭😭 everyone did a great job. I knew Gayoon was not that evil and knew the Uncle and Associate Director had something to do with her parents. The ending was both, bitter sweet and unexpected. AJS did a great job as a lead. I was hesitant because of all the comments before about the show, but I’m glad you recommended it.


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