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Judging by the title, you can pretty much tell how this drama will go. If you are an avid kdrama fan, I’m sure you are familiar with marriage contract. Often time you know that the show will end up with a happy ending. Aaah… And also, marriage contract almost always take place between rich man and poor girl. Opposite attract = everlasting love. Call me shallow, that’s the typical formula I’ve seen throughout my drama watching with marriage contract and I love it! Love, LOVE it!


But with Marriage Contract, this drama is not a romcom. Say what now? Yeap, it is a bit sad. Wait, not “a bit” but very, very sad. I cried at the end of episode 7! Uee did a fabulous job that she really did not just move me, but moved the entire nation with her crying scene! I really believed her! I really felt for her pain and panic and all the clutter things that went through her head.


Let me tell you what Marriage Contract is about. I will tell you from Han Ji Hoon’s perspective. His mom was diagnosed with liver cancer (it’s her fault!) and in need of a new one. Oh Mi Ran is Ji Hoon’s mom and mistress to Han Sung Kook. When Ji Hoon was young, she left Ji Hoon in the care of Sung Kook. Clearly, because of that, Ji Hoon’s resentment towards his mom is deeper than a black hole but deep inside him, he still cares for her. After all, she is still his mom. When his mom was diagnosed and possibly will face her death, he started to feel guilty and wanted to save her. His bestie who happens to work for him suggested finding a liver donor. Guess who heard their conversation and volunteered to be a donor? Kang Hye Soo!


So who is Kang Hye Soo? Ji Hoon met with Kang Hye Soo briefly one day when she accidentally collapsed in front of his car. What appeared to be that she was hit by him, and as claimed by her bratty daughter and the rest of the world, it turns out to be none of that! She was hospitalized immediately and Ji Hoon made her go through thorough check up just to be sure that he won’t be sued by Hye Soo. She was released hours later with no concussion but the hospital called and told her that she has a brain tumor. And this was behind his back! Now can you relate why she jumps into Ji Hoon’s convo and volunteered to be a donor for his mom? Jjakammanyo, another thing… Hye Soo works in Ji Hoon’s restaurant. He doesn’t know that his bestie manager hired her!


So now we know… She has her reason to live and so does he. Ji Hoon wants his mom to live but was skeptical of Hye Soo’s request. Plus, donor and donee must be related. Or else… Someone will need to go to jail for that. Ji Hoon and Hye Soo entered a binding contract. A marriage contract with a promise for divorce after the surgery is done. Their agreed terms? She wants money that would support Eun Sung, her daughter, for the rest of her life in return for her healthy organ. That’s a deal! Ji Hoon happened to be a rich guy though most of the money came from his dad. So this marriage deal was done in rush and hush behind his family’s knowledge. But when his dad found out, he pulled a plug on Mi Ran’s surgery and forced Ji Hoon to work back in his main business office.


Ji Hoon is his dad’s favorite son. His older brother, Han Jung Hoon, is pathetic and a sore loser. He is jealous of Ji Hoon. His fiancée was Jung Hoon’s ex and first lover and now she broke up with him so she can be with Ji Hoon again. Sadly, Jung Hoon is no longer in love with Na Yoon and she’s determined to get him back. Jung Hoon became attached during the process of proving his “legit” marriage to the hospital consular. He was able to make Hye Soo’s bratty daughter into liking him. For some weird reason, he started to feel comfortable around the girls and feeling puzzled of his own feelings. Well, Ji Hoon-ssi, that feeling is called LOVE.


So in the next 8 episodes to come, we should expect retaliation from Mi Ran since she does not want to burden her son anymore. We also should expect a romance between Ji Hoon and Hye Soo and of course, Ji Hoon’s world will be shaken by his cruel dad. At this point, I can see how Ji Hoon is very consistent in meeting his dad’s demand and at the same time, getting to what he wants. He knows that pleasing daddy means he will be taken care off for the rest of his life. But how will he please his dad to accept Hye Soo and Eun Sung? Looks like you and I must continue to watch it!


This show is surprisingly good! This is by far Uee’s best performance I’ve seen in years. She really is very mature as Hye Soo. The show was not bad in the beginning and as it progress, it has gotten better and better. Marriage Contract is a must watch drama. I will think of nothing less of this drama even if Hye Soo ends up being dead (due to her illness). If you haven’t started Marriage Contract, please do so! It’s worth it!



8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Marriage Contract

  1. I started watching this thinking that it was 50 ep; I’m really happy it is not! Listening to that whiny brother or A-hole Dad for 50 episodes would have been a BIG turn-off. I had my doubts about Seo Jin and Uee together because of the age difference but MAN was I proven wrong! One day, you have to watch Ojakgyo Brothers! Uee really did well in that one too!!


  2. I am obsessed with Marriage Contract!! I love the OTPs chemistry even when they aren’t together. The three of them are adorable. The mom annoyed me actually both mom’s. The bro and fiance I CAN’T and the dad…no words. I think both of the sons have inferiority complex because of the dad. Uee and SJ are like lonely sad people who met at the right time. I can’t wait until Saturday

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