Wednesday Eu-Mak: Letting Go…



It dawned on me that letting things go is not as easy as I think. With moving across the country, to let go of things I have accumulated can be frustrating. Should I keep it? Should I throw or donate them? And speaking of letting go, one of the things that will be difficult for me to let go is Debbie. My son asked whether we will take Debbie as well. His question put me into tears. Debbie passed away 9 months ago but we often mention her name as if she’s still alive and dandy. I had to remind him that Debbie is resting in kitty heaven and that we will not take her with us. By telling him that, I knew that I’m ready to let her go. Physically let her go. But deep down inside me, she will forever be my special cat.


Speaking of let go, DAY6 released their newest single, Letting Go, from their DAYDREAM album yesterday. The MV seems a bit sad considering of what recently happened with the group. Let’s not go there coz it is a sensitive topic (or I just don’t know much about to talk about it). DAY6 maintains their usual pop rock genre. The song isn’t bad but certainly not the greatest. It doesn’t exceed CONGRATULATIONS feelings. Nevertheless, the lyrics are very touchy and sad. I guess it meant to be for the…

Anyway, it’s good to have DAY6 back! I look forward to many great songs from the boys! And for all of you, have a great Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Letting Go…

  1. Unnieeee…

    I was kinda disappointed yesterday when I saw the MV. Not inspiring considering how well Congratulations was made! While talking with others, reached a conclusion that this might be something they re-shot after yunno…Sigh. *Still upset about that*
    Am warming up to Letting go after repeated listening. Did you get to hear the rest of the songs? My personal favorite is “I hope” & “First time” for now. Need to check out the lyrics to get a better feel.
    I wish they make Jae sing more. Not because he’s my bias, but his voice has that unique texture, which just makes me go 😳😍.


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