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I finally plunged in into watching New Tales of Gisaeng (NToG). Please do not ask me of my hesitation. I really don’t know it myself. Bel insisted of me watching the show. So did Lena. Well, Cassie did, too. These ladies have good taste in drama watching. But NToG never crossed my mind before and when it did, I keep pushing it back. Even now… I finally started episode 28; I saw episode 27 back in February. Oh wait, please say don’t judge the book by its cover, right? Well, I judge a book by its title *giggles*. And the word “Gisaeng” really throws me off… Aaaah, that’s why!


So what do I think now that I’m in the middle of the series? Actually, after watching 3 episodes, I immediately figured out what the show is about. I told Bel what I had thought and she asked me to hold on until at least episode 30. Now, I’m not sure how crazy this show will be in the second half but I intend to stick to it. I don’t exercise FF button very often so rest assured, this show will not get one. Besides, the pace is nice that it is great as my filler drama.


I’m sure by now most of you have seen New Tales of Gisaeng. But for those who have not seen it, let me give you a quick summary. If you chart all the characters on a map, it is ONE complicated story but this writer (she wrote Assorted Gems) did a fabulous job in blending them all. A really well thought drama, to be honest. But let’s focus on the main OTPs, Dan Sa Ran and Ah Da Mo. Dan Sa Ran has a very complicated background whereas Da Mo is pretty straight forward, ignorant and immature. Between them lies a more complicated life. Dan Sa Ran, in my opinion, is a very manipulative character. She hides her conniving through her gentleness and beauty. But really, please don’t take it in a hard way. Her conniving is very subtle (and has her reason for being like that) and I think she plays her characters well. Stop me if you disagree… She manages to get people to do what she wants (heh, I do, too!) but of course, she did lose to her step mom and checked herself in as gisaeng. Da Mo, on the other hand, is a pretty direct guy. He is a very direct person and does whatever his heart tells him to do. And with that, you have a pretty balanced couple.


So how it began? Ah Da Mo fell for Dan Sa Ran the minute he laid his eyes on her. She was a student dancer and performed at his home for his grandmother. Sa Ran came out very cold to me so I really don’t know why Da Mo falls for her. Anyway, he did and wanted her so badly. Things went out of hand when he and his friends met Sa Ran and her friends at the sky resort. They all decided to pair up. The girls put their belongings on the dining table and the boys would pick their partners from the items they picked. Da Mo picked a hairpin as he was dead sure that the pin is belong to Sa Ran. But what he didn’t know is that the girls decided to swap their belongings. So instead of her, Da Mo got Ra Ra. Ra Ra actually has her eyes on him. Da Mo was disappointed and kept thinking of Sa Ran but thank goodness she didn’t notice his disappointment.


Ra Ra and Da Mo later met through arrange marriage. They went for no more than three dates and broke up. It was not meant to be and Da Mo was happy. He asked Sa Ran out numerous times and she finally agreed. But Sa Ran faces other obstacles in her house. After graduate, she was unable to find a job. Her step mom works as a cook in a gisaeng house and forced her to work there. Well, in the beginning, it sounded very encouraging but later one, Sa Ran was felt she was cornered by her stepmom and agreed to enter.  By that time, Da Mo broke up with Sa Ran and she felt used. But when he found out she entered the gisaeng house, he regretted and now trying to get her back.


His mom found out that he is in love with a gisaeng and try to understand why. She met with Sa Ran and recognized her. She didn’t realize that Sa Ran is the girl her son is in love with. The two made a pack to break him up from Sa Ran. I love the scheming these two did together. Even though Sa Ran is ready to let him go due to the differences between them, her scheming will make Da Mo’s mom fall for her later on. I don’t know why but this is my intuition.



Sa Ran is my favorite character of all. The route she takes is written differently than any other kdrama characters. There are other issues circulating Sa Ran besides what you read. Her real background is another issue. She is not her dad’s real daughter and doesn’t know that Ra Ra is actually related to her. All these circumstances made New Tales of Gisaeng a very rich family drama. I truly enjoy the feel of this drama. The unexpected bonding between nemeses, families, and friends are truly entertaining to watch and I found it quite fun. This is a 52-episode drama. At episode 30 now, I don’t find it to be irritating or annoying. I guess I’m so immune by my crazy daily drama deals that I found NToG to be quite brilliant. It is winning my heart, that’s for sure.


5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: New Tales of Gisaeng

  1. Good job! You’re finally to the episodes where it really is just about the couples and their lives. I was really happy about the drama because we saw the relationship from the beginning, through to the marriage and a little beyond. Instead of leaving it to our imagination.


  2. I loved this show!! The otp were cute. I still remember crying when he tried to get her to leave the gisaeng house. The dad is a hot ball of mess. And I laughed when her fake parents “mysteriously” died when she was getting married and when her real parents sat and watched her get married. The dad once again IS A MESS


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