Currently Watching: Jumping Girl


Yeah, I’m watching another web drama which I just started an hour ago and I am already on episode 9 of 15 episodes. I completed Midnight’s Girl and immediately craved for another light web drama to watch and Jumping Girl popped up in my search. Again, if you are interested, you can catch it via Viki. I was a bit disappointed with Jumping Girl coz of longer episodes but then each episode is less than 9 minutes long. So I guess, it wasn’t bad at all…


I really do not know any of the cast in this drama. So when I checked their profiles, they are all idols! So who we got here? They are f(x) Luna, Hana from Secret, and Block B boys U-Kwon and B-Bomb. Ooooh FYI, I’m on episode 10 now. See how fast this drama goes? FAST! Before it ends, I better finish my post *laughs hard*. Ok, who is Jumping Girl? Nam Sang Ah is! One day, Lee Yenny asked Sang Ah to be a temporary security person for Seo Ah Shin’s concert. Ah Shin is a famous singer. While on duty, Sang Ah saw a man with a gun and he aimed the gun to the stage. Not knowing what to do, Sang Ah immediately run to the stage and jump on Ah Shin. It turns out the man was shooting confetti. From that on, Sang Ah life turns upside down. She was attacked by Ah Shin’s fans and lost her job. Since then, she’s been bouncing from one job to another and life became harder because no one wants to hire her. So where Jumping Girl is going?


Frankly, I do not know where this show is going. It is quite confusing. I thought there will be romance between Sang Ah and Ah Shin but there wasn’t. Lee Yenny ends up getting hired as his personal bodyguard and he fell for her. Sang Ah’s friend for 6 years is in love with her. So I really don’t know how Sang Ah can get her life back now. Her image is tainted by her own action. If I were you, I don’t think you should watch it. It’s not bad but it’s not good either. It’s a meh for me….

What do you think?

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