Just Watched: Midnight’s Girl

The-Girl-at-Midnight2With my busy schedule, it is wise to watch a web drama, right? So I browsed through Viki last night and came across with Midnight’s Girl. I quickly hit the play button after noticing the 8 episodes long. In the beginning, I thought Midnight’s Girl is a ghost story. I was prepared to hide under my sheets. Well, it wasn’t and I was relieved. I really do not want to traumatize myself, that’s for sure.


The plot is pretty cute, simple and sweet. Our WINNER boy, Nam Tae Hyun, was very generous with his smile in this cute drama. I thought it was fun to watch him. Well, maybe because I have been smitten a bit by him. It can’t be helped when we are literally ONE! Tae Hyun and I share the same birth date and blood type! See? *wiggles brows*. And, as his first time acting gig, I think Tae Hyun did alright *smiles*. Plus, his leading lady, Seo Min Ji is adorably beautiful! Her beauty really caught my eyes! I think it is the lipsticks! Hmmmm, I want one for myself, too!


Anyway, Midnight’s Girl is a cute rom-com web drama. Gong Ji Dan wants to be a singer but he continuously getting rejected because he doesn’t sound sincere enough when performing. The producers reckon him to grow as a singer and write his own songs. One day, he was asked by his friend to manage a dead karaoke business place so that his friend can showcase and sell it. Ji Dan was able to get the business open again but has no customer. One night, Se Ra showed up. She claimed that she was hired by Ji Dan’s friend. Se Ra has this sweet and magical personality that attracts customers. She somehow the problem solver for all the customers that walk into the door. Ji Dan starts noticing that Se Ra only came to work after midnight. This alerted Ji Dan because one of his friends told him that the karaoke place is haunted! So is SeRa a ghost?


I do not want to give out the story in case if you want to see it. The ending was cute and I enjoyed it. As always, there are too many plot holes in web drama. Please ignore it and just enjoy the show. It’s a great stress reliever drama, to be honest. The longest episode runs about 15 minutes and shortest around 8 minutes. I’m sure you can finish it in no time. If you are a WINNER fan, you should watch it *wink*.

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