Currently Watching: Eating Existence


Seriously, what A title!!! I really don’t get the meaning of it! But after 4 episodes in, I finally got it. The girl loves to eat! She doesn’t care about anything else in this world. Men? Pfffff. Fashion? Far from it. And marriage? Who needs a husband? *laughs* In this era where the pressure from family, friends and societies are immense, Yoo Yang decided to focus on food! I don’t blame her. I have this love-hate relationship with food but our relationship almost awesome. I would go out and about to find a delicious meal. Same with Yang. One thing about Yang is that she is quirky and weird so this makes her very, VERY undesirable. On top of that, her do-not-care attitude can be a bit unpleasant.


One night, she was drunk and met Park Byeong. For the first time, in her adulthood life, she suddenly found herself attracted to a man. She surprised that she actually desires him. And when she woke up the next day and realized that she had slept with him, Yang was a happy camper! Heh, who doesn’t want to make out with No Min Woo! Yang isn’t ugly, she is just different. And you would think Byeong would not like her but instead he, too, is drawn to her! He found her most attractive when she eats and orders food. Well, yeoreobun, this is love! *happy sigh*


Eating Existence is a cute, 10-episode web drama by Naver. How did I miss this, I really do not know! But I’m glad I’m watching this. And be prepared to love (and laugh) this show because each episode is less than 10 minutes long! Before you know it… You almost complete the series! I’m currently on episode 8 and I will be done in less than 20 minutes. Now I’m not sure how the ending will be… Yang and Byeong already on cloud 10. Will their love for food and each will end in the altar? Well, let’s find out together! And did I mention No Min Woo is in it????? *wink*



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