Breaking News: Say Love


MBLAQ Leader, Yang Seung Ho, finally released his first solo through a drama soundtrack! It’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting to hear his solo voice for quite sometimes now and the wait is finally pay off. I’m so happy that he is finally venturing into being a solo singer. I’m sure all his fans have been waiting for this moment since his debut. I’m one of them, too! I hope he takes advantage of more solo albums before he gets enlisted.


Can I just say that his voice is beautiful? It is! In this emotional song, you get to hear and feel his emotions. Although he sounded a bit nasal to me, yet he sang it beautifully. There is a lot of love in this song. Now, I’m not sure if he wrote it… But does it matter? I just want to enjoy it. By the way, it is now available on iTunes if you are interested in buying it. I’ve been listening to the song nearly 6 times now. So I’m sure you get it… I’m biased. I’m an A+ girl and I support my boys! *wink* By the way, if you are interested in watching this drama, it is called Happy Home. It is still airing on MBC. Sadly, I’m not watching it… T__T


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Say Love

  1. I think you’d like Happy Home. I’ve been watching it raw, but the subtitles don’t become available until at least two weeks later, so I get a general idea of what’s going on, and then find I’m completely wrong two weeks later. I should take Korean lessons at this point.


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