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My Little Baby is a weekend drama produced by MBC. I didn’t expect to watch this. In my mind, a weekend drama is full of angst. But I decided to watch it since it is only 35 minutes long per episode. Needless to say, I nearly completed the series without posting my review. But don’t sweat, I have 3 more episodes to go. I can definitely complete it once this review is up. My Little Baby ended last night. It didn’t get as much love as I have hoped for. I guess the premise is not very inviting to people. I don’t know… But for me, a man and a baby? Sign me up!


This 16-episode of drama drove me batshit crazy and yet made me laugh so hard! I constantly get angry at the silliest things and then unknowingly laugh at it. I must be crazy! The show itself is nothing extraordinary. It’s just that the drama is full of crazy mothers raising their babies and a man entrusted with his niece. That’s all. But he is not just another ordinary man. He is a special detective. He is Cha Jung Han. And Cha Jung Han is entrusted to care for his niece, Eun-Ae, when his sister and brother in law died. And the episodes are day-to-day lives of him and Eun-Ae. It is funny to watch how he tackles things with his baby. From nursing the child to putting her to sleep, Detective Cha sacrificed his sleep to make his niece happy. But you would think his hurdle is with the baby, right? Wrong! The biggest mistake of his life is when he joins the mommy club in his neighborhood. *shakes head*. The mommies are so vicious!

maxresdefault (1)

Coincidently, living in the same apartment building is his first love and now a single mom to her 5-year-old son. Han Ye Seul has a different method when disciplining her child. It almost seems mind boggling that when her son throws tantrums, she would imitate him as well. If he’s on the floor crying, she would be on the floor crying with him, too. Anyway, Detective Cha thinks he has a chance with Ye Seul again. He did propose to her after seeing her several time even though the did not officially date. Sadly she turned him down and shied away from him. Meanwhile, Ye Seul’s dad is trying to get back with her husband.


Other obstacles Detective Han is facing is Eun-Ae’s grandmother. She did not get the paternity right for Eun-Ae so she came to introduce herself to Cha. But, using his detective skill, he found out that the grandmother is not the real grandmother. Sadly, our distracted detective did not further pursue on grandmother’s intention to get closer. She found out that Eun-Ae has a money trust and she wants that money! *shakes head* another greedy human being! I really, REALLY, dislike this grandmother. She even blamed Ye Seul’s son for a scratch on Eun-Ae’s face. But no fret, Cha caught it when he found…. oops, I rather not say it but it is an evidence of her lies.


My Little Baby sounds like a light drama but it isn’t. I’m somewhat glad that it is only 35 minutes long because if it is any longer, I don’t think I’m able to breathe. On the “would I recommend this drama?” part, I’m not sure if I want. If you are used to watching a drama that could raise your BP, then this drama is for you. It is super hilarious but the angsty part drives me crazy! Overall though, it is a balance of funny and crazy. If you don’t mind it, watch it! *wink*


4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: My Little Baby

  1. I was surprised I watched all 12 ep!! It is pretty light and fun at times! Though his ex-partner from the police force drove me crazy, she finally came around and once she did I loved her! Easy drama to watch with very little stress!!


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