Just Watched: Click Your Heart


I was quite intrigued by this web drama. It’s been popping on my DramaFever page for awhile. I knew it is a sign that I need to watch it. When I saw Zombie Mama‘s post on Click Your Heart, I can’t help but read it. It sounded very interesting, especially  when you’re allowed to choose the next plot. Yeah, it is a unique concept. I have never seen a drama done this way. An unusual approach, actually. Sadly, I’m a party pooper. I decided not to play along with the show and watch all 7 episodes. Wae? I was curious.


Each episode is about 15 minutes long. This drama introduces us to FNC’s pre-debut group. They are currently members of Neoz School. Apparently all the boys are still in training but I’m sure they will be on our screens pretty soon. And what is the best time to introduce them to future (saesang) fans by having them star in this web drama! How convenient! The leading lady is none other than AOA’s Mina (aka Kwon Min Ah). I love Mina. I’ve been watching her since Wonderful Days! I also enjoyed her character in Adolescence Medley and All About My Mom. She’s cute. I especially enjoyed her speaking in Busan accent in Modern Farmer, a drama which I have yet to finish! *covers her face in an embarrassment*


Anyway, back to Click Your Heart. One girl and four guys. Was it four guys? Or three? This show distracted me with beautiful boys *laughs*. Actually, I was distracted by not knowing which episode to choose. I should have played along with the show. *facepalm*. Either way, I think I met three out of four boys. Good enough, right? The only less confusing part is that all characters use their real names! That’s easy! Mina recently transferred to a new school. But she already has a bad rep in her new school. Thankfully, Do Won, embraced her since they already know each other. Do Won likes Mina, obviously.


Mina joined the radio club Cha Ni is in. She was assigned to interview the school’s star baseball player, Ro Woon. Of course, her sweet and lovable character made him fall for her. Cha Ni is the character I don’t recall meeting him. To be honest, he and Do Won look alike!  *covers face again* Oh well. I think I met Ju Ho at the end! Ack… He is her ex-boyfriend! He looks so cold yet the man you want in your life!

maxresdefault (1)

So guess who Mina picks as her boyfriend? Should I tell you? Hmmmm *rubs chin*, I’ll be mean this time. Go watch it. As I said before, the drama concept is unique and unusual to our typical drama watching. But the story itself is pretty typical. Nothing to rave… I think it would still fun to watch it. After all, Click Your Heart is a cute drama! *wink*



What do you think?

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