Wednesday Eu-Mak: You Got Blood?

05_da6_thailandSo on Monday, I finally had a chance to listen to Day6’s latest album. What took me this long? Well *shrugs*, I blame real life and its mess. But no fret, I am here and that’s all that matters. Of all the 6 songs from DayDream, I’m loving Blood the most! And then Juju, one of my tlist friends showed the following comments from the clip:


Isn’t it too funny? Yeah, boys… We see blood every month!!! *laughs* Anyway, I was spazzing with Anu and Christy. They are the ones that introduced me to Day6. I enjoyed The Day (first album) so much  whereas with DayDream, it took me awhile to warm up with the the rest of the songs in this album. I know, I’m picky. I really need to analyze what I’m listening before liking it. So one of the songs I enjoyed the most is obviously Blood. But the lyrics are so ridiculous! My God, this is why I never want to know the meaning to what I’m listening. I JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!! I just want to enjoy the song and melody… *snickers*.

If you are interested in knowing more about the song, here’s an interview with one of the composers aka Joseph Park ‘220’. Anyway, please enjoy the song and don’t be bothered by silly lyrics. Life is too short *wink*. And have a great Wednesday!


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