Wednesday Eu-Mak: On Tuesday?


Yeap, I can’t help it! It’s my birthday today and I’m feeling festive! And the first song I heard this morning? K.Will’s Talk Love for Descendants of the Sun OST. I love this song! It is just a happy song, don’t you think? Even though I dropped this drama, but I admit it has one of the best soundtracks for any latest dramas around. This song is particularly one of my favorite ones!


And what do I want for my birthday? A strawberry creme cake and a nice lipstick! Can I get them today??? *laughs* Let’s play pretend! If you are here, what would you give me? Now remember, I’m only 25 *giggle*. NO, I’M NOT 52!!!! *evil eyes to those who think I am*

Okay, y’all… Must go back to work! Have a great week! And happy birthday to me!


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: On Tuesday?

  1. Ahh! It’s your birthday?! Happy happy birthday, dear Nelly!! Wishing you happiness, health, more happiness, and all kinds of good things! 😀 *blows noisemaker & puts on party hat* I’m ready for cake now ^^


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