Just Watched: Liquid – Oni no Sake, Kiseki no Kura


Out of blue, I decided to watch Liquid. Thanks Bel for uploading this drama for me to watch! What happened was that Ito Hideaki’s upcoming drama is coming up soon and Bel tweeted me our next Jdrama watch. And that’s how I remember Liquid. This NHK produced drama is 3 episodes long. They should have made it into a movie instead. Anyway, Liquid is yet another simple drama. Shuichi’s mom passed away and he is left with a dying family business. Sake-making business. In the beginning, he sees himself to be working in a corporate. But after his mom’s passing, he decided to plunge into the business. Besides, with his recent divorce, he really need to get out of his box.


So Shuichi has to recruit expertise to make sake. He also was forced to invest on equipment that exceeds his budget. And he hired Yusaku, a retired sake expert to make the best sake so he can sell it. Yusaku wants to make the perfect sake whereas Shuichi, a typical banker, is thinking on how to make money out of it. Well, the gap generation is the villain in here. This drama is more like a docudrama. The sake making is pretty intense. But overall, I found it very boring. The Japanese take pride in whatever they put their mind into, which I really respect it. I love the dedication in this movie. Not everyone has the patience like them But the drama isn’t for me. Too booooring… *yawns*.



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