Happy 3rd, MyMyooz!


Wow! This blog turns 3 years old today. I can’t believe it! I feel like I’ve been blogging for years! But I forgot I used to blog under my personal site which now gets neglected by my real life. Oooops, that happens, right? Either way, I’m glad this blog is growing. I have many followers and viewers and that’s all that matters. I have reduced my drama watch a lot though. Real life is sucky… But I’m still watching, and happy that I’m watching *wink*.

Let’s see how I did so far (since I started watching):

Movies completed: 147

Dramas completed: 304 (this is a lie!)

Not bad, right? Well, I will revisit this post again next year and see my progress.

Before I leave, thank you all for stopping by at my blog. It means a lot to me that I have readers *grin*.


11 thoughts on “Happy 3rd, MyMyooz!

  1. Wow, I can still remember Steph & I teasing you about not believing you had that other blog, coz you were keeping it secret. And now, you’ve had this one for 3 years already!! Time sure flies!! Happy 3rd, dear Nelly!! *throws confetti with a flourish*


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