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What would you do if your spouse passed away and you are still in your prime age? You would date and eventually get married again, right? Well, that is Our House except that when Sota remarried, he sort of left one important news to his new bride! *drum rolls* His children!!! He only not has one or two but four children!!! Four!!! FOURRRRRRR!!! How did he able to trick this woman into marrying him without letting her know his baggage? Easy! He married a foreigner! Yeap, not a big deal! And Sota is fortunate to have a caring new wife. Alice was only upset for a 5 minute and then she was ready to assume the job as a mom and housewife.


BUT all happy ending has its own nightmare, right? The resistance came from none other than Sota’s oldest daughter, Sakuraba. Sakuraba made her siblings retaliate and deny Alice’s presence. It is true, Alice can never replace their mom but she should give her all to be their best mom. Sadly, Sakuraba or as we refer her as Sakura feels she can handle the household on her own. Yeap, this 12 year old kid thinks she can takes care of her siblings, her aunt and grandpa, and her dad. She wants to be the mom for them. I love her confidence but a child needs to be a child. Sakura is a child and she crosses the line too many times! She is a brat! And she thinks her voice trumps the adult in the house. Wrong! And now she has met her match. ALICE!!!!!


Alice knew the battle to win the children hearts would be tough so she started slow. She tried to win the kids with her food. Sakura insisted that she makes the best nikujaga and as good as mom’s. But Alice won over with her tacos and burgers and eventually character bentos! She’s good! First, she focused her attention on Shintaro. Then, on Sotaro. And the recent episode was with Momoka. Her last hurdle would be Sakura. How would Alice wins her and earns her trust?


Right now, I don’t know how long this drama will be. So far, I have seen 5 episodes. I’m looking forward for more episodes but I don’t expect it to be long. Perhaps, *shrugs* another 3 episodes? Anyway, I enjoyed Our House since it is very family oriented drama and it’s a drama my son would enjoy, too. I definitely recommend Our House. It is different than your average dramas *beams*



7 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Our House

  1. Sakura the brat! You don’t know how many times I wanted to reach into the television and slap her! Her disrespect to not only Alice but even her grandfather is amazing! But unfortunately they allow it because of her loss of her mother. And Sota? I was furious when we realized he didn’t even tell Alice about his children! But interestingly, what he said in ep 5 gave us another reason why Alice wanted to come to Japan. Again, Catherine Fox is doing a great job once again! Now you can understand why I loved Massan!


  2. I really came to first like then loathe that family. They were pretty heartless to Alice. But no one was worse than the husband. OMG, Sota was such a fricken loser. I think his wife died to get away from him. I hated how easily she forgave him at the end. I’d have made him suffer and grovel and have to live out on the lawn for a year. Pig. And Grandpa was an idiot for a mature man. Worse than the kids at times.

    I like that the kids accepted her in the end as Mama and the church thing was lovely. But Sota, I’d have dumped his ass and kept the kids.


    • Urgh Sota was the biggest disappointment for this show. I really can’t stand him after he went to his late wife’s sister. Seriously, he has no loyalty. Grandpa is totally useless since the beginning. He has no opinion and no backbone.

      I really love the transition of the kids since the beginning. Sakuraba was a tough cookie. Alice did a fine job of taming her.


      • He was. He didn’t grow –like the kids. Neither did Grandpa. Grandpa, as you say., had no backbone, had no wisdom, had no compassion.

        Sota disappeared like some angsty teen runaway. Then kisses another woman. Then lets his daughter weep and does nothing. Then comes back as if he has done nothing.

        He was neither charming, handsome, brilliant, or kind enough to justify anyone falling in love with him. I simply did not buy he was worth the trouble. Seriously, He was the hugest weak point. Another example of women putting up with all manner of crap men dish out and not demanding atonement or change.

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