Just Watched: High & Low


So, I did not know what to expect with this drama. By the time I finally figured it out what’s going on, I completed season 1. What in the world? What just happened? Did I really finish watching all the episodes? *sigh* Yeap, that was me two weeks ago. I was clueless yet calm while watching the series and sort of figured things out by episode 5. I know some of you would have dropped it if you are unable to follow the story. So what is my reason to continue to watch it despite being clueless? HANDSOME BOYS IN ACTION! *wink*


Yeap, that’s it. A legit reason, right? Plus, with only 20 minutes long per episode, you can’t help but press play. I was mesmerized by the number of actors in this series. I recognized some but not all. They are all not just pretty faces. Well, I don’t get to evaluate their acts clearly because… They each got very limited screen time. Don’t even count on script time, either. They all got few lines to share. The only time they have for us is fighting scenes. Yeap, with each episode I saw, about 13 minutes of the time are fighting and action scenes. That’s all. You don’t get  much. BUT you will be able to piece out the story by the end of the series.


High & Low is quite complicated to follow. But my understanding is that five gangs were formed as a result when Mugen, a legendary organization, got disbanded. The 5 gangs are Sanno Rengokai, White Rascals, Oya Koukou, Rude Boys, and Daruma Gurentai. Now, they are all fighting each other to become the ruler of SWORD – a large territory that houses these organizations. The peacemaker of the gangs is none other than the Amamiya brothers. They are unbeatable brothers who are now trying to regroup the gangs again. While all these going on, Mighty Warriors emerge as a new and rising group. The gangs and Amamiya brothers got puzzled. They do not know which side Mighty Warriors is.

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This 10-episode series was very entertaining. The fighting scenes were to die for! Your eyes will thank you because each fighting scene was choreographed beautifully. I really mean it! And the OST… bloody hell the OST is strong and powerful. I wish I could own it! High & Low is one of the first two series drama and will follow with a movie. Basically, the first series is a long introduction of the boys and how the friendship and brotherhood are formed again. I’m currently watching High & Low Season 2. I can’t wait to introduce you to the Mugen aka Exile Tribes. Now if you see I misdescribed the series, please correct me. Like I said, I couldn’t follow the story until episode 5. There are lots of trailers out there for this series. I hope you enjoy some of them.


9 thoughts on “Just Watched: High & Low

  1. I loved ypu and Bel’s convo about High &Low I wanted to watch the show after I saw the movie( don’t remember my reason lol) but I might have have start this today 😊thanks😘

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  2. I’m a huge fan of EXILE TRIBE, actually all the actors (minus a few here and there) are all from LDH Entertainment. Most of the older actors (more season II then I) have really long standing credentials as actors. I’m so glad other people are watching it as well!


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