Just Watched: Bong Soon – A Cyborg in Love

bong-soon-a-woman-who-dies-when-lovingSee? I’m really confused. I continuously reminding myself that I do not have for another drama. Apparently, I proved myself wrong once again! I was able to squeeze in Bong Soon – A Cyborg in Love in between my cooking and dining with my kiddo. We both actually entertained and enjoyed this cutesy drama. Only 12 episodes long, and 15 minutes per episode, I think you would totally enjoy this web drama. I found it super easy to watch and enough to keep me addicted to it. Well, I was since I completed it in 3 days with 4 episodes per day! *beams*


The story is simple. Bong Soon is clueless that she is a cyborg. She fell in love with her team leader, Kim Joo Sung, who happens to be a genius computer scientist. He created Bong Soon. So most of the part when Bong Soon describes her memories, it is Joo Sung’s memories. There is one thing that Bong Soon doesn’t know about herself. When she started to develop a love feeling, she will automatically shuts down. Eventually they both admit their feelings for each other but Joo Sung wants her to keep their relationship in secret. He doesn’t want the rest to know. Bong Soon doesn’t know that she was created to be used as an A.I.


There are a lot of questions stemmed from watching this web drama. And all of my questions were never answered. Bong Soon has a good storyline with few interesting plots. But these plots were left as that. I realized that by the end of it, none of the loopholes were addressed. The ending itself left me hanging. So I took it for the romance and left the rest as that. If you are the type who hates to be left hanging, this web drama is not for you. I enjoyed it for the romance and good OST. *smiles*



What do you think?

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