Currently Watching: Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi


Since 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made, I yearned for another romance Japanese drama. When Bel suggested that we should watch Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi, I was delighted. But we both do not know the actor and actress playing the lead. It was a gamble but we plunged into it anyway. No harm, right? And I thought if I don’t feel the chemistry between the OTP and chemistry between me and the drama, the solution is simple! Drop it! Easy as that! But guess what? I did not drop it! In fact, I love it!!!! Why must it be a weekly show??? Why???


The storyline is simple but the process can be complicated. Well, at least, our hotelier Reiji is making it look harder than it is. Falling in love is not a rocket science but for sure, Reiji really thinks he needs to do a lot for a simple gesture. Reiji ah, all you need to do is ask. Please do not worry. But I get it… For his first time, rejection is in his mind. What if she doesn’t like me? What if she does? So many questions came to his mind. You won’t hear this but you can tell just from his face. He does try very hard to win her heart.


Sorry, don’t get what I mean? *giggle* Here is my quick synopsis *beams*. Reiji in a hotel heir. As a successful hotelier, Reiji has the very right to be arrogant. But due to his arrogant-ness, he became less approachable, especially in the romance world. If you take a look at him, he doesn’t look like a pleasant man. He looks mean! There is nothing cute about him. But when he bumped into Misaki while she was cleaning up, he was alerted but didn’t put any thought into it. And then he bumped into her in the gym and again found out she is working as part of the management team under him. He started to feel intrigued and curious by her and eventually fall for her. But the he approaches her and does things she likes including drinking milk in front of her (which he hates milk big time!) really got his secretary and driver’s attention. From then on, they both try to milk into Reiji’s feeling and push him to Misaki.


This 10-episode drama is so cute! Reiji’s stubbornness and arrogant-ness can be a total mess but Ohno Satoshi made his character funny! Who would have thought! 6 episodes have aired so far and now I’m dying to see what the next 4 episodes will be. Misaki seems nice but she has a secret or ambition that she’s not telling. Would she include him into her world? Let’s find out! This drama is totally underrated! Please watch it!


5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi

  1. This drama has turned into a real surprise. I am currently watching Haru, the female lead in the Asadora Asa ga Kita. I looked to see if I had seen Ohno before, I think not. Knowing that he is a singer makes me curious and definitely wanting more. Again, a surprise rom-com that I love!


  2. I was reading another blogger (who uses the same moniker of “Currently Watching” and I must say, I never paid attention to the images on the table! They are HILARIOUS!! How did I not notice that?!


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