My favorite couples of 2016: the half year post

So it’s officially June! Pretty soon we are going to be ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Am I freaking you out yet? Ok enough of that crazy talk, lets talk about drama couples. I haven’t watched that many shows this year, but the few I have I loved like crazy. Also there may or may not be spoilers ahead. 

From “Five Children” we have Lee Yeon-Tae & Kim Sang-min. They are total opposite, she has spend half the time avoiding him. Yet they are amazingly cute when they are together. She’s slowly realizing that he is a great catch. He has been convinced she’s the girl he wants to marry for a while. Watching them get there will make you smile nonstop 

Tian Jing Zhi & her Pokemon monster ( Ling Qiao)  from “My Amazing Boyfriend”  I’ll be honest this couple is only here because I loved her since the first episode. She’s a bit dim at times, but when it comes to protecting her love she’s a warrior. He sleepwalks through most of the show but he genuinely cares for her. 

Cha Soo-Hyun & Lee Jae-Han from Signal. How much do I love these two? She never ever gives up on him! He quietly loves her & protects her. Their  love last for how many years & how many different realities? No spoilers but I need a season 2, NOW!! 

This one includes their child because they were a package. “Marriage Contract” gave us dimples, tears & lots of cute with that adorable little girl. Plus a total transformation of Han Ji-Joon from a very unhappy man to a loving caring family man ( SPOILER). We also have praise Uee her Kang Hee-Soo was not a perfect mom, but a caring mom willing to do anything for her kid. I love that he did not just fall in love with her because she was pretty. He fell because she was strong, loving, caring & because I don’t think he could had survive if he did not become Cha Eun-Sungs dad. 

Most of you woul pick the main otp of Descendants of the sun. I’ll talk about these two because I liked them more.  Seo Dae-Young our mainly soldier that loves his girl but also his job. Yoon Myeong-Joo the army Doctor that refuses to give up on her guy ( she willingly signs up for duty to see him!). Their road to true love was being blocked by his career & her dad. I’m glad it works in the end. 

“Oh Hae-Young, Again” My darlings, Oh Hae-Yang & Park Do-Kyung. This show is not over yet so maybe later they will get remove. I have spend every episode  in a roller coaster of emotions because of them. I want them together, but in the real world their relationship would be doomed. He is responsible for all her suffering. People keep wanting to throw guilt on her ex fiancé. Yes the guy is not guilt free, but Eric cause his downfall too. Sigh* did I mention I want them together?  

So did I miss your favorite? Let me know! 

Many thanks to Owner of this blog for letting me invade her space. 


6 thoughts on “My favorite couples of 2016: the half year post

  1. I’m trying to think if there are any worthy couples to brag… I love Kurosawa (Dean Fujioka) and Shibata from Please Love The Useless Me. It’s a Japanese drama. They are so adorable together! Other than that, I love all the couples you brag here… Why not the Song couple? You don’t like them?


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