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Finally! FINALLY! Kdrama God has answered my pray. KBS is finally making a comeback with a stellar daily drama! I miss KBS so much but their recent C-grade dramas really turn me off. Urgh. Congratulations, the network finally earns its reputation back with Descendants of the Sun (which y’all know I dropped it *shrugs*) and now, Heaven’s Promise and Five Children . Especially with daily dramas, nothing has grabbed my attention. I really feel good now. And this drama is not just another feel-good drama, it is a satisfying after a series of gross meal dramas! Ha, that’s my closed attempt to a metaphor…! Kinda! *giggle*



Anyway, Heaven’s Promise recruited one of my favorite revenge/villain actress of all time! Lee Yoo Ri!!! LEE YOO RI!!!!! Guys, do you know what this means? She will make this drama a success! And so far, after 87 episodes aired, this drama gives me nothing but these feelings: anger, frustrate, irritate, rage, murderous, etc. Please, don’t take it the wrong way! I’m WITH the drama which means I am loving that it gives me so much rage! That is a success! I’m bloodthirsty you see and when a revenge drama has gone right, the feelings are mutual!


Lena eonnie recently posted on our FB page Korean Daily Drama Jiog that Heaven’s Promise received an extension of two additional episodes. I usually against for any extensions but this time, I must agree. Please, hold off on you thinking that I am biased. The show itself is only 100 episodes long. This is very rare for a daily drama. Typically, daily dramas are 120 episodes long. This show was preempted twice and the add-on is, in my opinion, quite appropriate. I’m not really worried about the extension but I am worried how they will wrap up this show! We are 15 episodes away and have yet to see the revenge plan unfold. The main character, Na Yeon aka Do Hee #2 main idea of revenge is to reveal the truth and this is no fun at all. She hopes that everything will fall into place. But what’s the fun of it? And if it did, then what? So that’s my frustration with her.

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Heaven’s Promise is a story of a woman who wants to reveal the truth. The truth about her. The truth about her mom’s death. The truth of her real family. And I hope the truth on her love life, though I know this part is from my greediness. So what you actually need to know about her? Na Yeon lost her mom in a car accident. Her mom’s friend took her in but she was thrown out by his wife and daughter. Na Yeon was then adopted by a single mom of two daughters. Her husband died in the same accident Na Yeon’s mom was in. Na Yeon’s new mom was guilty of it and took her as her own daughter.


Fast forward later, Na Yeon runs a successful meal delivery and banchan store with her mom. Her older sister is an investigator journalist for a tabloid whereas the younger one does nothing but seeking a rich prospect for her future life. Na Yeon gave up on her future; instead, she supports her boyfriend Tae Joon to school. Yeap, I hear ya… Bad idea!!!! But she did! And in the end, he left her when he was offered to continue study in the US with the company’s grand-heiress. Obviously, since Tae Joon grows up poor, he will choose money and success over Na Yeon. What he did not know was that Na Yeon was pregnant with his child!


When Tae Joon got back from the US, he married the heiress, Se Jin, since she’s pregnant with his child. Se Jin’s mom Yu Kyeong, the heiress daughter for Baekdoo and mom to Se Jin, dislike Tae Joon so much. She knew he’s a golddigger but for her daughter’s sake, she keeps him. But when Tae Joon found out that he has a daughter (from Na Yeon) and his wife suffered a miscarriage, he tried to take the daughter for him and Se Jin. And this is when the drama starts to kick in! Na Yeon wouldn’t allow Tae Joon to take Se Byul (their daughter) but Se Jin really determined to make the kid hers. Yu Kyeong will do anything to make her daughter happy and so the kidnapping of Se Byul begins!


While all these going on, Na Yeon did not know the existence of her twin sister, Do Hee. She is completely different than Na Yeon. Her personality is very strong and she doesn’t give a fudge on anything. Do Hee is also a tabloid writer but unlike Na Yeon’s eonnie, Do Hee writes her article under an anonymous identity. One day, she was introduced to Hui Kyung, the heir to Baekdoo and a brother to Yu Kyeong. They were slated to get married but unknowing to Hui Kyung, Do Hee died. Guess who assumed her identity? Na Yeon! But how? Do Hee happens to work on a case to reveal the life of Tae Joon, Se Jin, and Na Yeon! So when Na Yeon’s eonnie met Do Hee for the first time, she was stunned. So Do Hee was able to use her might to find when Na Yeon was “missing”. Na Yeon got into an accident while running away from Yu Kyeong’s attempt to put her in a mental hospital. This was part of the scheme to get Se Byul. She lost her memory and believed Yu Kyeong is her mom’s friend.




Do Hee traded place with sick Na Yeon to find the truth. But guess what happened? A crazy patient caused the hospital broke into fire and Do Hee died from it. Na Yeon assumed her twin sister’s identity and married Hui Kyung! And now she’s determined to reveal the truth. The truth about Yu Kyeong and what she did to her mom. But along the way, she found out that Yu Kyeong’s husband, Kyong Wan, is her dad! Now, Na Yeon is determined to reveal the truth and catch Yu Kyeong’s wicked behavior! However, the road is bumpy. Tae Joon discovered Na Yeon’s identity and that two-faced devil schemed with his evil mother-in-law to put Hui Kyung to jail on the day he was appointed as the Chairman.

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Believe me, I did not say a lot of things here. I’d rather have you watch it than be reading my post. Heaven’s Promise is really a promising daily drama. My frustration is on the characters which are definitely acceptable. The writer seems sane enough to be on top of the plots. I like that! Na Yeon’s character is almost near perfect although there are times I simply don’t get her. Tae Joon is a character you want to hate from the beginning to the end. I don’t care that he is who he is because of his mom. He’s adult enough to know what’s wrong and right. So for all Tae Joon fans out there, please wake up. Yu Kyeong is a witch, a butch and wicked from the beginning and she will be until the end. What is my wish for her? Death is kind. Too kind for a woman who also killed her own dad! Oh no, I really want her to get run over by truck of doom or get bitten by jaws and still alive to see how handicap she is without the person she loves next to her. By that, I really hope Kyong Wan will leave her for good. As for Se Jin, yeah, for being as cruel as her mom? Death is also too kind for this ending. Since she’s becoming just like her mom, I also want her to get run over by truck of doom.

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This fabulous daily drama is slated to end this month. I do not know what will replace Heaven’s Promise but you know that drama has big shoes to fill! Just saying… Happy watching, chingu-deul!



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