Beautiful Gong Shim ep7 Recap 

Hello again! Ep 7 of Beautiful Gong Shim was lots of fun. Friendships were moved along, feelings were flying left & right between our adorable trio. Sadly there also has to be problems & Gong Shim will has to suffer because of them.

We open the episode with our Dan-Tae doing his best caveman imitation and draging Gong Shim to the stairwell for a private chat. 

He tries to apologize but as usual he is not very good at it. making the situation a bit worse matters worse Gong Shim does not want to listen to his excuses. Dan-Tae  trying to get her to stop arguing askes her to stop making him, worry about her.  She angrily asked why she should do that? To which his simple ( and infuriating) I don’t know, only serves to make her angrier. She stubbornly tell him she will do whatever she wants because he is not in charge of her. ( Go Girl!!!)

Their fight is interrupted by the office mean girls who are there to talk crap about Gong Shim. Dan-Tae pushes Gong Shim into the building & then goes to introduce himself as “the Chairwoman’s personal counsel” which had the mean girl back tracking their attitudes. He then tells them they can be sued for spreading rumors and they must apologize to Gong Shim if they want to avoid this. He does this hilarious thing where he gives them his business card, but then takes it back after he is done talking to them. Unknown to them Gong Shim is one floor above listening to all of this and her face after she hears it is adorable.Blah….. Her sister is meeting with Joon-Soo & his mother. They are there to thank her again for rescuing Joon-Soo from the fire. Blah blah blah ( Joon-Soo  run away from these two!!!). Blah blah next!!

Dan-Tae’s apology part 2. He is waiting for her  in the park with a paper bag. He is so happy to see her & she’s starting to feel different about him too, since she feels odd when she sees him. He shares that there’s a gift in the bag for her. Cut to his room & about 10 wigs on the floor. She’s not sure she should take them since they are high quality.He convinces her by saying he got them as a payment for a case.

Dan-Tae is completely smitten with a shorter wig she tries on & ask her to wear that one saying “that’s totally his style” but Gong Shim tells him she’ll wear whichever she wants. She     thanks him for both the wigs & the apologies she got from her coworkers & leaves the room. Only to show up the next morning with the wig he likes ( you like him too! You just don’t know it yet!) 

We move to Joon-Soo’s house where his mother shows him pictures of his date with Gong Shim & says she will fire her immediately for setting her eyes on him. He is a bit disgusted with the fact that his mom pays someone to follow him around & tells her to leave Gong Shim alone. At work he calls Gong Shim to the roof to talk to her. Age immediately notices he is sad & ask for the cause. He half lies & says him mom is upset with him. Gong Shim tells him that the best way to not let your parents upset you is to rebel & not let it get to you! So they rebel together. Cue adorable day of them together. 

They start by renting costumes and Joon-Soo is not very confortable wearing them. They end up having to run through the city wearing the costumes  because Joon-Soo left his cell phone in a cab. Then they go to a Cafe to use a computer to send some work stuff. Needless to say that their outfits attract attention everywhere they go after this Joon-Soo wants to take her to eat. In the can he is happily talking about his the meal they would have but Gong-Shim get a phone call. It’s Dan-Tae who came to home to a flooded apartment & needs Gong Shim to come fix it ( really dude? You can’t call a plumber?) Gong Shim tells him she can’t she’s busy call a plumber & hangs up. Yet our girl can’t just do that & ask Joon-Soo to excuse her because she has to go. She rans home with Joon-Soo sadly looking at her. 

Once in the roof apartment she actually fixes the water leak ( one of her many jobs was a maintenance person) while Dan-Tae looks on impressed. She then helps with the clean up that includes him nervously explaining why he still has the ban-aid she put on him. Then is followed by Dan-Tae having to eat a piece of paper where he was playing a compatibility game using his & Gong Shims name ( they are 84% compatible) . This ends with them washing his sheets & both getting into a cute water fight that it’s interrupted by the arrival of Joon-Soo ( have to point out that our puppy looked so sad when he saw how much fun they were having). 

They sit down to talk &  catch Dan-Tae in today’s acts of rebellion. To which he adds that in order to completely rebel they need to stay out all night. So they decide to go camping! 

The two men spend part of the diner trying to see who can win Gong Shim’s attention and acting like a couple of little boys ( they are saved some embarrassment by Gong Shim who had her headphones on during their  whole silly boy argument). When they return their equipment they realized  that it will be Gong Shim’s birthday in a few hours and Joon-Soo says he’ll be rightback. 

He finds Gong Shim & gives her an adorable toy bunny while wishing her a happy birthday. Dan-Tae had also gone to get a gift & hands get a cup of dirt. She kindly thanks him for the dirt. He explains that there’s seed in the cup & she needs to take care of them to find out what type of plant it is. 
Sadly their fun must end & the next day Joon-Soo’s mom reads his credit card statement. She angrily asks Gong Shim if she was with her son all day yesterday. When Gong Shim confirms this, she’s told to quit immediately & stay away from Joon Soo.Gong Shim can’t stay quiet & ask if this how rich people deal with their problems? Just make them disappear? Does she feel good pretending to be high & mighty?  This has no affect on Joon-Soo’s mom & Gong Shim quietly collects her stuff & leaves the job. Her sadness can’t be felt for miles & ask she walks out of the building her parents call wanting to celebrate her birthday ( ouch! Got fired on your birthday girl?? Ouch). In the building  Joon-Soo angrily walks into an office asking his mom why Gong Shim is gone. She lies & says Gong Shin quit on her own, he does not believe a word. Joon-Soo walks out & wants to go search for Gong Shin but he needs to be present in a meeting, so he calls Dan-Tae  catches him up & tells him to go find her and make sure she’s ok. Dan-Tae does not need to be told twice, he is everywhere looking for her.  He manages to miss her a few times and finally when it’s dark he finds her on the rooftop watering the plants. 

She sees him & ask why he looks so unkempt ( the camera shows his feet are dirty, probably from all the walking trying to find her) then she burst into tears holding the cup of dirt he gave her. She keeps ask why the plant ins’t blooming? She’s water it 100 times, 100 times more then others. Is there something wrong with the plant? Is the plant like her? Is there something wrong with her? She keeps asking full of tears. Dan-Tae just pulls her into a hug & lets her cry. 

Ahhh!!!Poor girl, life has been so unfair to her, because of this her self worth is in the basement. I wish she could see how her boys see her. They both know she’s kind, brave & so willing to take care of people. She constantly makes Joon-Soo laugh & be carefree and Dan-Tae can always depend on her. She will always help a friend. I love these 3 the most when they are friends & im a sad that the triangle love triangle might destroy them but Joon-Soo has to notice that Dan-Tae keeps being just a little bit more important to Gong Shim. 


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