Currently Watching: High and Low Season 2

81yeNO01_2c3be0_fYeap, I’m on High & Low season 2. I saw High & Low season 1 and it was awesome. Confusing but indeed awesome! Well, this season is confusing, too! But like I care… I’m watching it for the boys! The season 2 is obviously a continuation from season 1. At the end of season 1, we were introduced to Mighty Warriors. So who are they?

Honestly, I don’t know *laughs*! I’m serious! This drama is extremely confusing. And besides, who wants to pay attention when you get to ogle hot men in action for 20 minutes! Yeap, that is literally me! Right now, I have seen 7 episodes. How many episodes left? Nobody knows! I’m not kidding you! Unless you’re reading this months later, you might be able to tell how many episodes left *shrugs*.

Okay, I feel bad. Here, let me tell you who Mighty Warriors is. Remember the Amamiya Brothers? They had to face off with the Mugen. Mugen started with Kohaku and Tatsuya. They are bikers. Later, Tatsuya left and open a diner. Like a headless chicken, Mugen became weak especially when Mighty Warriors influence is growing. So basically, up to episode 4, the episodes were on the rise and fall of Mugen. Starting episode 5, we get to see how Mighty Warriors recruit and expand their power…

See? Who cares about the story. Just watch the handsomeness High & Low continues to offer to us… *wink*. Next to watch? Road to High & Low. The movie aired on May 7 but I think it is not sub yet. Soooooon….


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