Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 9 Recap

Take 2!!! 

This episode is about Dan Tae. He goes on a quest for the truth and finds lots of answers he was not expecting while simultaneously letting us know we (the audience) were right. 

We begin our episode with Gong Shim on the roof. Her plant now has a seedling and she remember the conversation she had Dan Tae last night. He asked her not to go. He wouldn’t be able to handle her being gone ( because telling her, you like her would be very passé no?). He tells her he will be waiting for an answer tomorrow.  Gong shim is taken back by his words and can’t sleep. The next morning she goes to the roof to wait for Dan Tae. 

Dan Tae goes to his  on his office ( we assume it’s the same night after he told Gong Shimnot to go)where he is watching a CC tv video. The video is of a store that has a camera facing a pay phone. The same pay phone that was used to call the chairwoman with information about Joon Pyo. Dan Tae is shocked to see that the person walking away from the phone is his father. Dan Tae starts putting the info together, his dad also just retuned from the Philipines, he never left Korea, he has a unexplained attachment to a tree in the countryside and he ran away from Dan Tae when he saw him. The next day Dan Tae hides begin a bush and with horror watches his dad dig on the ground next to the tree ( the tree is going to be removed later that day)  He can only imagine the worse and instead of confronting his dad ( like a normal person!) goes to think by the river.  

Today is the day Gong Shim leaves for Jeju-do and she spend the day before waiting for Dan Tae who never showed up. She finds him and demands an explanation. He then tells her to go to Jeju-do. To say she’s confused by his change of heart is an understatement. But leaves by telling him her flight is at 3pm just in case he wants to say something.

A sad Gong Shim enters the airport and finds Joon Soo waiting for her. He is there to wish her a good trip. She apologizes for turning him down and he says it’s ok. They agree to have a meal together once Gong Shim has a salary. 

Through a montage of Gong Shim’s plant growing and a random call from Joon Soo we learn that a moth has passed and that no one has heard from Dan Tae. We also find out that Gong Shim cant really get away from Ahn Dan Tae even if he is not physically there. 

The nursery where she’s working plays a song at lunch time everyday. The lyrics of the song sound just like his name and she’s slowly going insane. 

She does get a visit from Joon Soo who is there on a business trip. He wants to hang out the next day but she is going to Seoul. His face is so sad hearing that once again she can’t hang with him. 

We find Dan Tae a sleep, he is having the usual dream. The small child crying in front of a store. This time it hits him that the boy is Joon Pyo. He also notices the name of the store and heads to the town. There he finds the store and ask to talk to the owner. He shows the older man the picture of Joon Pyo and asks if he knows him.  The man says no, then Dan Tae asks if the man remembers him. He introduces himself as Ahn Dan Tae and the man says that can’t be possible. Ahn Dan Tae died when he was five years old. He knows this is true because he was the person that pulled him from the water. Dan Tae is trying to process this. He exits the store in shock asking himself who he is? He asks “Then I’m Joon Pyo” before passing out in the street. 

Gong Shim is Seoul celebrating her dad’s birthday when she gets a call from the hospital. She rushes there  and we find out that Dan Tae is ok. He just needs rest and we finally have our reunion! They are both so happy to see each other. He just sits there watching her talk with the sweetest expression. She just rambles nervously about her month. 
Their reunion is interrupted by an adorably drunk Joon Soo. Who immediately starts to reprimand Dan Tae for disappearing. He does this finger pointing thing that has Dan Tae & Gong Shim fighting back their laughter. Then Joon Soo passes out and Gong Shim leaves . 

The next morning Joon Soo wakes to memories of his drunk actions. He pretends to not remember but neither Dan Tae or Gong Shim will let it go, both doing the finger action. 

Dan Tae is release from the hospital and he sends Gong Shim Home since he must go to his office. 

He goes to confront his aunt and ask for the truth. She tells at all those years ago her nephew drowned. Her sister could not handle the dead and lost it. She would not eat, move and tried to killed herself three times. So when her brother in law showed up with a child and her sister started to function again they raised him as Dan Tae. No his father did not kidnapped him, he got him from a man that was planning to kill him. So the whole family ran away with the child to avoid having to explain. Dan Tae has a lot to process and he heads home after giving his aunt a hug. 
In his house he finds a cooked meal waiting for him. There’s also three drawings  where a carton Gong Shim reprimands him for being late, tells him she made food and tells him to take his medicine. Dan Tae sits there looking at the drawings and burst into heavy painfull tears. 
So here’s where I apologize for erasing my last post. I still have no idea how I manage that. Now to the show. I’m glad Dan Tae knows the true. Now we need to see what he will do next. Will he just run to the chairwoman with the truth? Or figure out who was the person that cause his tragedy. Will his relationship with Joon Soo change now that he knows they are cousins? Will he claim his birthright since technically is the “Real” heir of Star group. 

Also I’m happy that love triangle has not taken over the show. They are at their best when the three are together being friends. Also I’m very upset with Dan Tae for his “hot and cold” attitude towards Gong Shim. I get that there’s bigger issues in his life.  Yet I think he could had shared with her. He could also use a friend and she would had been willing to help. 


What do you think?

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