Currently Watching: Revive


Hmmm… Where do I even begin? This drama confuses me big time. One minute, the mood is revenge-y and dark. Another minute, the mood is bubbly and cute. I don’t know where the writer wants to take us to. Make your damn mind up! 16 episodes in and I really believe that either this show will get another season or it will end it in abrupt. I don’t know. This is one drama I will not suggest you to watch. But since I’m deep into Revive and have 3 episodes left, I might as well finish it. If given a choice, I would drop it. And I should have! But It was my curiosity that pushes me to keep watching it. Damn you, inner curiosity! *fist air*


In the beginning, I was drawn to Revive because it reminds me of Ruby Ring. Of course, the stories are completely different. Du Fei woke up and realized he was given a new face. It turns out he got a second chance at living. With Ma Du Zhe’s face. Ma Du Zhe was a wealthy boy living a dangerous life as a car racer (?). Correct me if I’m wrong… Again, this drama does not give me a great background on characters. And then I got lost between him and Liu Yi, him and Lin Xuan, and him and Feng Jing. Their relationships were odd. With Liu Yi, she had a crush on him but when she found out he is not the person she loved, she became upset and a bit depressed. Yet, she still used him as a show boyfriend to her family. With Lin Xuan, he pretended to marry her to give her a closure before her death. And with Feng Jing, he allowed him to move in with him and pretended that there is no feeling with Feng Jing.


All these characters and their stories are so wishy washy to me. I definitely feel lost with Revive. Sure, I had fun. But I was bored as well. This drama seems incomplete. Too many scenes were removed. I heard it didn’t pass the censorship and hence, the choppy scenes and crappy flow of stories. I don’t recommend Revive to you. It is bad. I have 40 minutes to go before I end it. With only 16 episodes, this mega billion show (I could be exaggerating) with joint acting by actors from South Korea and Thailand is a waste of my time. Sigh.



4 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Revive

  1. Alas that’s what happens with these adaptations. So much gets cut. But I like more of the story then I disliked it because I realized that they left the revenge in the book and not on the screen. Still love Ma Ke and now will be looking hard at Xu Joe!


  2. I know nothing about this c-drama.
    Although 16 episodes could have worked for my busy schedule right now, I still have the same question again and again:
    Why do Chinese production teams insist on adapting books or web novels or whatever without baring in mind the infamous extreme censorship? Are we the only ones who know this thing really exists? How about producers, directors or writers in China? Haven’t they heard of it before?
    Maybe they should turn to completely different original materials to save their work…


    • Yup. And maybe they should not be so confident and adapt a novel into drama of this genre. I don’t understand why they went ahead and pursued the show anyway? It’s costly and wasteful.


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