Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 10 Recap

This episode was very hard to watch. To me  felt like a combination of 1. the writers not having enough time to edit correctly 2. Finally realizing they need a story for 10 more episodes 3. Throwing a bunch of stuff together hoping we don’t care. So let’s do this!

Dan Tae is taking a nap in an office. He is wearing dress shoes & a nice suit. ( finally no flip flops!). Then the door opens and the president of STAR Group & his brother-in- law ( we will call him Evil uncle from now on) walk in demanding to know why Dan Tae is there. Dan Tae cheerful answers that he is the new secretary for the chairwoman. ( how did this happen?)

We go back a week to Dan Tae on the phone with his father. His father begs for forgiveness and tells him he will reveal everything, but it can’t be over the phone.

 At the same time Evil Uncle has also found out where Dan Tae’s father is and heads there. He arrives first and their meeting is tensed. Dan Tae’ father stars up by telling him he has nothing to worry about. He won’t cause any problems. Dan Tae’s father is shocked to know Evil Uncle knows his son, and lies telling him that he & his son are not closed & haven’t spoke in years. Which is the perfect time for Dan Tae to call his father and in his nervous state he drops the phone. When Evil Uncle picks it up, he sees the name and demands an explanation. A struggle over the phone ends with Dan Tae’s father falling and hitting  his headblosing consciousness. Evil uncle freaks out and runs away while Dan Tae arrives to find his dad unresponsive. 

On the ride to the hospital Dan Tae notices his dad is holding something. It’s a pin that says “Star Group” and the wheels start turning. After finding out his dad is stable but very sick because of a brain tumor ( writers can’t miss a trope!)

Dan Tae heads to start group with a plan. He walks into the chairwoman’s office and ask for a job.

I should mention he runs into Gong Mi while there ( because I don’t think she was in ep9) and makes her suffer a little by loudly calling her “Gong Shim’s older sister” after she asks that he won’t let her relationship be known. We also have to sadly watch puppy Joon Soo ask Gong Mi on a diner date. (because he is sweetheart and still wants to thank her for rescuing him) 

Well Hello Gong Shim!!!! I was wondering if you were in this episode? The  people from Jeju-do have found the conman president. They know he is heading to Seoul and they need Gong Shim to hold him till they arrive ( This man was the owner of the nursery Gong Shim work for in Jeju-do & he disappeared with the company’s money). That’s the only way they will get their wages back. So off goes Gong Shim to the airport and enlist Dan Tae to help her. Yes, they do catch him in case you wondered & Ahn Dan Tae gets to hear his song. 

After the airport we find Dan Tae shopping while Gong Shim waits for him outside. She gets a called from Joon Soo inviting her to diner. She happily agrees and says she’s with Dan Tae & will bring him ( puppy does not look happy with this news). Dan Tae walks out with a bag full of art supplies and hands them to her. He says that her drawings the other day made him feel better and he wants her to continue drawing. He says that he’ll be her first fan. She happily listen & they sweetly smile at each other. She then bring up the diner, which he declines to join but still walks Gong Shim to meet Joon Soo. 

 At the restaurant Gong Shim grumpily stares at the menu murmuring over the prices ( it’s her turn to pay for the meal). She’s approached by a very pretty girl who’s an old schoolmate. The girl immediately starts making fun of Gong Shim for not having a job. When her boyfriend joins her, she also comments on Gong Shim’s looks & how Gong Mi got everything ( brains & looks) in the family ( I wanted to punch this girl!). Joon Soo returns to the table at this point and the boyfriend pales. He is an employee at Star Group & he introduces Joon Soo as the “Director of Star Group”. Bitchy girl can’t believe this & asks if he is Gong Shim’s boyfriend. Gong Shim denies it but Joon Soo say he likes her! It’s a one way love but he liked her! ( I happy dance across the room)

Later he apologizes for saying that and making her uncomfortable but she thanks him. It felt good to get the better of someone that was rude to her. 

 He drives Gong Shim home & they  say goodbye while Dan Tae watches then from the store window. Gong Shim however goes straight to his apartment instead of home & waits for him. They talk and when she’s ready to leave he grabs her, gets closer, closer & closer so that Gong Shim closes  her eyes. Then he just tells her to not forget to buy him meal next time ( why are you doing this? Tell her you like her!) 

We are now back to the opening scene. The president & evil uncle walk into the chairwoman’s office & demand to know what he is doing there. He explains that he is the new secretary & they explode. The chairwoman walks in & tells them her decision is final. She also tells Dan Tae to work hard she can fire him as quickly as she hired him. 

Everything that happens next is pointless so let’s make it quick.

  1. Dan Tae attends a board meeting in the Chairwoman’s place. He discovers that someone put poison in the water meant for him. 
  2. The president and evil uncle want Dan Tae out & the poison scare helps them convinced the board members to agree to fire him. 
  3. Dan Tae makes friend with the custodians of the building
  4. The president & Gong Shim are attacked by a motorcyclist throwing balloons full of paint ( the president was cute here, he was so happy to see his Secretary Gong) 
  5. Dan Tae goes to check on Gong Shim & realizes he is not the target but the president. He then rushes to Star building & arrives just in time to save the president. 
  6. Everything was cause by an old employee & her Oppa because she wanted her job back ( how doing these things would help her is lost on me) 
  7. President in now Team Dan Tae and refuses to fire him

The episode ends with the chairwoman, President & evil uncle watching Dan Tae drive around the lobby in a sweeper.

 I had to watch this episode a few times because I kept forgetting what happened. I honestly only enjoyed the restaurant scene. The writers need to give me more cute to keep me interested or at least give me better villains. They (the writer/s)  have completely forgotten Gong Mi exist, and Evil uncle is the worse villain ever! An incompetent one. 

puppy is adorable! love him!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 10 Recap

  1. I want to ride on that sweeper, too!!!! Looks cool and fun! Mr. President should give it a try, too! 😂

    I’m glad that JS came to the rescue and saved GS from her pretentious ex-friend from high school. I can’t stand her attitude!


  2. Hmm…I think I’m going to have to stay away from this show. It sounds…crazy and not in a good way. LOL. Thanks for the recap, Mari! I’ll continue to gush over OHYA and FC with you, ladies. 😉


  3. …and here is my writer Mari!
    I don’t think I would like this ep. Since I watched til ep 7 and still didn’t found reason why, I have decided to check your recaps for the 2nd half.
    I don’t regret not watching it…seems like writer didn’t have plot and now tries hoplessly to find one. Cutness disapears slowly, because it can’t carry all drama on its shoulder s.
    You love “love triangle” but soon will become messy. I don’t wanna see it.

    You have simple and direct approach to your recaps…it’s okay. Keep up the good job! Fighting


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