Wednesday Eu-Mak: Drug Restaurant?


Nope, not a Mistake. That’s the name of the group and the song is Mistake. This garage feel music is led by none other, the infamous, Jung Joon Young. Released on June 7, I’m surprised by the group name. I previously know them as JJY Band. So why the change? I don’t know. But do I care? Nope. Most likely they just try to move on from their common JJY Band name. I don’t care. I only care for their music. The song itself is pretty awesome. Very edgy, very rock-ish, very alternative… It is so Joon Young style!

I really hope Drug Restaurant will get known after Mistake. I know it is difficult to enter the kpop mainstream but if you spend 5:45 minute and listen and watch this MV, you will understand why I love this song! It does sound like J-Rock sometimes… I freakin’ love it! *bop her head*


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Drug Restaurant?

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