Currently Watching: Dias Police – Ihou Keisatsu

71NNKol1_bdc90c_fImmigrants is a sensitive issue. Even here in the US, an illegal immigrant issue is a hot debate. And never in my entire life that Japan would face a similar issue. I have met Peruvian immigrants resided in Japan before. From what I understand, they told me that they have been residing in Kobe for years. But never crossed my mind that Japan would face illegal issue until I started Dias Police. It’s pretty surreal but this drama really opens up my eyes. Sometimes I wonder, am I too naive not to know or too ignorant to care? *shrugs*


Dias Police can be very comical but most of the time, this manga-like action drama is super interesting and unique. The camera technique and the drama style remind us of Sin City. It’s true. The atmosphere of this drama is dark. Even with Detective Kubozuka’s humour, the ambience made it quite difficult for you to laugh. But nevertheless, I did laugh. Especially with the first couple of episodes! They touched based on an illegal plastic surgery case performed illegally by an illegal plastic surgent who is also an immigrant for illegal immigrants and local residents. *wipes sweat* Phew, that is a lot of “illegal” words there!


Dias Police tells a story around Saki Kubozuka and his attempt to protect the weak citizen regardless of their status and maintain the balance in his work territory. Saki is a super intelligent officer armed with several languages around his belt. He is quirky yet funny. He is cool yet serious. He is hilarious yet he means business when his mind is focused on a target. This drama focuses on all issues circa immigrants. From illegal plastic surgeries to smuggling human, Dias Police touches the very sensitive issues circulating among illegal and legal immigrants’ lives. But Saki does not work alone. He made Suzuki his partner in crime aka his baits to get all the info! That poor boy, though… He’s completely oblivious of the real situation *laughs*.


This drama is super dark and may not grasp everyone’s attention. To me, I find it wholesome and interesting. I have not read the manga and most likely won’t. But this show is very interesting. With only 10 episodes long, the show is intriguing and suspense and enough to keep your eyes on the show. Currently, I’m waiting for the final two episodes to be subbed. I’m dying to know who Saki is. Is he… one of them (aka the immigrants)? And the group he works with… I have my suspicion on them. *rubs chin*


Would I recommend it? I admit, it can be a hard watch. Some people did not even give a chance after episode 2. Me, on the other hand, found this show very Sin City like which really keeps me going. It is up to you if you want to watch. I would definitely recommend it. It is different. Plus, it is Shota!!!


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