Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 11 Recap

The romance & the bromance end today! I’m not going to lie guys! I was not a fan of this episode. My three babies sufferd and cried. Then he had Evil Uncle grow some brains in an elaborate plan to prove me wrong!  So I’ll try to make this as painless as possible while still getting what happened across. 

We open our episode with Gong Shim preparing a meal and then taking  it upstairs to Dan Tae. While he eats, she says she wants to expends the next 100 years making him food. She gets all flustered and Dan Tae tells her if she’s hot she can remove her wig. Which he then by accident, and notices her bold spot is gone. They happily dance around celebrating when Gong Shim shouts “I Love You” they stare at each other and get closer & closer & closer. Then the timer on the rice cooker goes off & Gong Shim wakes up. 

Dan Tae however is not home, he is busy starting his “find out who kidnapped me & tried to kill my fake dad” plan. He enlist a friend to take a letter to Star Group. Inside there’s the Star Group badge with a letter that says it was found in the arboretum in Yangpyeong.  The letter is given to the president  when the chairwoman is around. She’s very upset someone lost a badge and we find out those badges are given to executives only. The badge belongs to someone currently in employment because the style was recently changed. The chairwoman tells Dan Tae to figure out who is missing theirs since all executives are required to wear them. 
Dan Tae begins his search for the owner of the missing badge. He shows up in restrooms ambushing a few executives & scratching their names off a list when he sees the badge.  When he goes to the president he is missing his. He says he had a busy day and will find it fast. We then get to see  what the president was doing all day. He played in the park with some kids & went to visit his dog Judy. OMG there’s just no way this guy is evil! 

Evil Uncle however has his badge pin to suit when Dan Tae comes to ask ( how?). *flashback* Since the badges are a requirement in meetings he borrowed a badge from an executive that was traveling to China days before. ( evil uncle got smart!) 

Gong Shim is walking by a restaurant & sees a contest to create a mascot for the restaurants menu. She’s very excited and when her parents leave her home alone that night she begins her drawing. The lights go off and she proceeds to freak out and Dan Tae comes to check on her. Neither knows how to turn the lights back on, so when Dan Tae freaks out they loose their phonesand end up in each other’s arms. Again we get them getting closer, closer, closer and we hear her parents are at the door. Gong Shim freaks out and hides Dan Tae in her room.

The parents are back because the funeral was cancel ( the person was not dead) and now they are hungry & start grilling pork. Poor Dan Tae is trapped in Gong Shim’s room with his stomach making noises. So Gong Shim keeps having to come out & get food for him. They have another close encounter (seriously writers!!! 3 in one episode! Just have them kiss already!) He is finally allowed to leave when her parents fall a sleep. 

While Dan Tae was hiding in Gong Shim’s room. He found and read her drawings. Most of the drawings are of him & her. The last one says “should I tell him I like him”, he looks both shocked & sad when he read this. He has to do some brooding on the rooftop of course. Then the next day he is extremely cold towards Gong Shim ( wtf?) 

Back to Star Group & our game of “who does the missing badge belong to?” Dan Tae informs the chairwoman that only two people are unaccounted for one being Joo Soo and Director Kwak ( the person that went to China). 

Joo Soo is getting ready for leave for seminar when both his mother & uncle enter. When his mother makes a reference to the jacket he is wearing Evil Uncle notices the badge & we practically see his evil wheels turning. Gong Mi appears and it’s obvious mom invited her because she’s playing matchmaker ( blah! No no no no). Joo Soo excuses himself and exists his office. He gets to the parking lot & gets a call from Evil uncle about some paper work. It’s upstairs so Joo Soo places his bag & jacket on his car & goes to get them. Once he is upstairs evil uncle calls saying he found them. 

 Director Kwak is being questioned by Dan Tae & he says that he let evil uncle borrow his badge. This is when evil uncle joins them wearing a badge & returns Director Kwak’s to him. He prohibits Dan Tae from telling the chairwoman he borrow the badge & walks away smiling smugly. In a flashback we see that earlier he was in the parking lot when he called Joo Soo. Then while Joo Soo when upstairs he took the bag & jacket with the badge ( bastard got tricks!) 

Joo Soo stops for coffee and then notices his bag & jacket are gone. He calls Gong Shim who is still working on her drawing and she rushes out to meet him. It turns out Joo Soo wants to start to his own business without his family’s connections. That is why he lied to Star Group about his whereabouts. Instead of a seminar he has set up a meeting with investors. All his presentation items were in his stolen bag and needs help putting it together again. Gong Shim agrees to help and we get lots of Joo Soo looking cutely at Gong shim while they work. 

That night Gong Shim waits for Dan Tae with his favorite diner. They are friendly but Dan Tae turns cold when she starts asking questions about his family. He excuses himself and leaves Gong Shim alone with the unfinished diners. While he sits in room thinking of everything that’s happened with his dad, Star group & Gong Shim. 
In the morning the chairwoman calls Joo Soo to ask him about his badge. He apologizes & explains his bag & jacket were stolen during the seminar. Chairwoman not happy & tells him to be more careful. Dan Tae is not buying Joo Soo’s excuse and calls the hotel where the seminar took place. Since there was no seminar Dan Tae wonders why Joo Soo lied. He goes to see him and they agree to meet for drinks at night. 

Gong Shim finds out she won first prize in the contest and happily calls Dan Tae to ask him to meet. He tries to avoid her but she says she’ll wait up for him no mater how late. When he arrives she runs to show him the banner. He is genuinely happy for her & she thanks him over & over again. She explains that she gather strength from him. His praises and actions. They made her belief she could do it. She’s so happy to had won something & she wants to be the same type of person to him. She likes him ( and I’m crying because she’s being so honest and it’s just too sweet). Dan Tae tries to stop her but when she’s done talking he tells her he is sorry but can’t return her feelings. She can’t belive it and ask why he did and said all that stuff for her?. He stumbles for an answer and just says “things have change” with tears running down her eyes Gong Shim retreats. She looks  numb as she climbs down the stair and completely breaks down once she’s in her room. On the roof Dan Tae is not doing much better. He is not crying but you can see his pain & confusion. 

 Neither Gong Shim or Dan Tae Noticed that Joo Soo arrived right when Gong Shim was confessing and he sits downstairs also processing this. His poor puppy heart broken. He then seems to gather courage & goes upstairs again to confront Dan Tae. 

There’s nothing worse then seeing them all suffer. I’m trying really hard to see things from Dan Tae’s perspective. He just had his life turned upside down. His whole life was a lie & now he wants to figure out not only who he is but get revenge too. I know he cares for Gong Shim, and I think he also wants to keep her safe. Until he finds the people responsible for his misfortune I understand he does not want her around. I still does not make me happy. 

Poor Gong Shim, she ha so happy & she seems so proud of herself. This shatter her little heart but I hope it does not destroy the small amount of confidence she got by winning. I wish Dan Tae would had told her the truth too. 

Lastly our puppy!! Poor Joo Soo. The girl he likes and his only friend. Ahhhh can you imagine his pain considering he confessed to Gong Shim only a few months earlier and was turned down. I can feel & see his frustration and I’m glad he also heard Dan Tae turn her down. Maybe he can step in and console her! We can change ships easily! 


One thought on “Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 11 Recap

  1. Omg evil uncle is wicked!!! I haven’t seen the episode yet and now I’m sad that Dan Tae has to put his loveline on hold to figure out who kidnapped him and tried hurting his dad! And dayyummmmmm poor Jo Soo. But do you think Gong Shim will switch her heart and goes for him instead of Dan Tae?


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