Just Watched: Shark


If you are a fan of Japanese rock songs, this drama is for you. It can be very disappointed at times, though, I don’t know how to say it. Even though I finished it, Shark seems a hit and miss with me. I know where the story wants to take us to but I can’t really focus on the entire show. Mizuki, the main character, changes so much. He was ambitious, steady and fun in the beginning. He united Shark after the main leader passed away. And it was not hard to win the boys’ heart after their leader’s passing. Mizuki did a fabulous job at comforting them with his vocal and talent. But he himself became so inconsiderate later on and I found him very annoying and frustrating. *hangs head low*


The other character I dislike is Ichika. She discovered Mizuki and persuaded him to join Shark as the main lead. But at the end, she’s the frustrating one. I don’t know, I began to dislike her after episode 6. The boys finally united and then she started to mess things up. Oy… *slaps head* Quit it, Ichika! You’re making it harder for them! *angry sigh* Just let them be!


Shark reminds me of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Both lead singers died and were replaced. Both new leaders had to work very hard to unite the band once again. Both leaders have big dreams! Both teams got frustrated and had to fight among themselves to push for their first debut. The similarity between the two dramas is too obvious. Shark was produced and aired in 2014 whereas Shut Up in 2012. It could be a coincidence; it could be anything. I’m not going to pick a fight. Shark is only 12 episodes series with each episode is less than 25 minutes long. To me, Shark gives me enough energy to keep on going. The music is absolutely awesome. I’m a bit addicted to the group’s song, Keep Walking.


If it is up to me, I wouldn’t recommend it. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band has a lot more humor and feelings than Shark. BUT, regardless what I’ve said, I may watch Shark season 2. Why? Because I’m a Curious George! *laughs*


6 thoughts on “Just Watched: Shark

  1. Music was awesome! The story was sketchy at time but the big thing was Mizuki had his own issues to deal with! But his girl-friend, what a wonderful friend she was, I never could remember her name! She had stuck with him through grade school, his popularity and his downfall but still was there for him! He better had liked her! Shark 2 coming up! With new boys!


  2. I remember when it first came out, I liked it but couldn’t stand one of the band members and Ichika had her own issues *rolls eyes* all in all I liked the show but I am curious about S2


      • Long time no see too😜 and yes, I do remember being frustrated with her (I also want just a little more back story because then I could TRY understand a little more) and I can’t wait to see S2 too 😀


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