Beautiful Gong Shim Ep 13 Recap

Flashbacks are here! Flashbacks are here! We get so many flashbacks in this story today. The only good thing is that they do explain a bit more of what’s going on and move us along.  Let’s just drive right in!

Dan Tae sits in his office wondering if the owner of the last “Star group” pin will show up in the arboretum. We then see a procession of cars heading there. Evil uncle is first, with Joon Soo and then Dan Tae behind him. We also see Joon Soo’s mum sitting in a parking lot with a bag full of money. 

Evil uncle telephones Joon Soo’s mum ( his sister) to tell her she must go to the meeting in his place. He was distracted & hit a group of byciclist who won’t let him leave. She refuses but when he threatens that he won’t take the fall alone she agrees to go. 

When Joon Soo arrives at the arboretum he sees that it’s his mum waiting and quickly hides from her. Then we follow Dan Tae into the arboretum to find the bench empty. He waits but no one arrives. Joon Soo’s mum is driving away thinking of what just happened ( flashback noises). She was waiting by the bench & a worker approached her with a note. The note said “meeting was cancel leave immediately”and she did. 

I’m going to assume it’s Joon Soo’s flashback now, because we see him handing the note to the worker. He only leaves once he knows his mum has the note.  As he is walking out of arboretum he almost runs into Dan Tae and quickly hides. Dan Tae walks by and never notices him. 

Back in the city is time to think! Joon Soo does his thinking while drinking alone & Dan Tae is at his apartment. Joon Soo calls Gong Shim but once she picks up he apologizes for calling her so late & hangs up. She wories & calls him back asking where he is. Now it’s Gong Shim’s turn to deal with her other drunk suitor. She tries to send him home in a cab but they end up in her neighborhood park together. She gets him to a bench but he passed out and she can’t move him. So she calls Dan Tae for help. Dan Tae arrives shortly and gets the wounded expression on his face when he sees Joon Soo sleeping on her shoulder but erases it quickly. They both carry Joon Soo to the rooftop apartment & Gong Shim heads home. 

The next morning Joon Soo wakes up, it takes him a while to realize he is Dan Tae’s apartment. His gaze stops at a calendar and he reads it. Outside Gong Shim & Dan Tae are talking. She invited both for hangover soup but Joon Soo declines. He apologizes for the trouble he cause them last night & leaves quickly. 

At his house the chairwoman is getting ready to go out. It’s the anniversary of her sons dead and she’s going to pay her respects.  She thanks the other family members for going earlier and leaves. The second wife ( Joon Soo’s grandmother) comments on how sad she feels for her. She has no sons, no grandkids since her son committed suicide. 

Joon Soo arrives at this moment & his mum reprimands him for staying out all night. While his father tells him today is Joon Pyo’s fathers memorial and he must go pay his respects. Joon Soo asks his father for the name of the place is “Hyan Memorial park” and his dad says it is. 

In his room Joon Soo starts putting facts together. The calendar he read in Dan Tae’s earlier said “Father, Hyan memorial”. Then he remembers the first meal he had with Dan Tae where they bonded over their allergy to eggs. He can’t belive that Dan Tae may be Joon Pyo. 

Dan Tae stands in front of the family urns. While Joon Soo arrives ( ahhh!). Just as he is about to turn into the room where Dan Tae is the chairwoman appears and calls him. She collapses  & Joon Soo rushes her to her car. She claims she’s only a bit dizzy refusing to go the hospital and just sends him back to pay his respects to his uncle. When Joon Soo comes back to the room, it’s empty. 

Dan Tae enters a restaurant and walks to a room. Inside he greets the person by calling her grandmother. The chairwoman smiles back & greets him as Joon Pyo ( she knows!!!). She’s glad they did not get caught by Joon Soo but wonders what he knows. Dan Tae assures her in that it was a considense that all three were there’s at the same time. She agrees but complains that she wants to tell the truth to the world. She wants everyone to know he is her grandson. Dan Tae tells her to please wait, they can’t until the person responsible for his kidnapping is uncovered. The chairwoman agrees and says she’s just happy to have him back, now that he is back she can move on without regrets. 

(Flashback noises!) 15 days ago: Dan Tae meets the chairwoman in the same restaurant. She’s happy so see him & asks where he has been. Dan Tae tells her that he believes he found Joon Pyo. The chairwoman demands answers and Dan Tae gives her some papers. They are 2 DNA test, the second one says that the person is 99% a match & that person is Dan Tae. She looks up and Dan Tae with his eyes full of tears calls her grandmother.  

(Flashback or is this a flashfoward since its 3 days later?) 12 days ago. Dan Tae & the chairwoman discuss how he needs to be in the company if he is going to find the culprit. They agree that being the chairwoman secretary would be the easiest way for him. So flashfoward to 2 days ago: The day Dan Tae introduced himself as the new secretary to the president & evil uncle. 

Back in present the chairwoman asks Dan Tae for good news. He tells her about the girl he currently likes. How he can’t accept her heart till his life makes sense. He says he is terrified that she will move on. The next morning Gong shim invites him to the movies and he turns her down. Then changed his mind and goes to tell Gong Shim but they are both idiots and never actually say anything and there’s no movie. Next morning Gong shim is waiting for him and wants to join him while he gets a hair cut. He stops her by saying its a salon for men only. So he is surprised when Gong Shim’s father is seated next to him & Gong Shim is there as a dutiful daughter (lol). Dad shares that Gong shim has been hired to paints mural out of the city. They don’t want her to go alone so Dan Tae  volunteers to go with her. 

Gong Shim is so happy that DanTae is going with her, he even borrowed a car from the company. We get lots of cute from them ending with Dan Tae lying to the restaurants owners about being married so Gong Shim can draw the mural. Somehow they end up being the entertainment for a school reunion group. Who like them so much they send them away with orders to make babies! Since they  have to spend the night Gong Shim freaks out about them sleeping in the same room with only one blanket. Everything Dan Tae says makes her scream because it can be interpreted wrong. So Dan Tae offers to go for walk so she can get ready for bed. He returns to find she fell asleep and carries her to bed and sweetly watches her sleep. 

Chairwoman knows! I knew the moment she was too nice to Joon Soo in the funeral home. I’m glad she knows and that she understands Dan Tae’s need to find the person that causes all of this. If we are keeping track that person kidnapped him, cause the death of his mother, the suicide of his father & the current state of the man that raised him. I’m also trying really hard to get Dan Tae’s reasons for keeping Gong Shim away. Yet I feel that telling her would be nicer then making her suffer. 

As for Joon Soo, I understand why he had to help his mom. I just hope that when the truth comes out he acts correctly. He & Dan Tae need to be besties forever, because they click so well. 

I have to be honest and admit that I miss Gong Shim. It was more fun when the show was about her. Now she feels like a side character there so Dan Tae can have a love interest. Bring back the cute!!! But I guess I should not complain considering that the writer/s have completely forgotten about Gong Mi. 


What do you think?

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