Wednesday Eu-Mak: Kiha & The Faces


Are you all ready to enjoy Kiha & the Faces, and their goofy and funky songs? Because the men will make you feel that way! Let’s hear the first song and it is called… The Smell’s Gone! Yeap, I’m not kidding ya!

What a weird song, right? He reminded me of Trash oppa from Reply 1994! And I found out that Kiha is IU’s boyfriend! What a small world! I learn something new today! Hah! *pats shoulder* . And the next song is called Kieuk! Another weird and funky Jamaican vibe song but whatever… I enjoyed it! *laughs*

The next song is a bit mellow and quite soothing. The Most Beautiful Song – that’s what it is called. I really love their sense of humor in naming their songs. I’m not complaining. I really am having fun with the names and songs.

Well, I hope you liked the songs! Have a great hump day!




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