Just Watched: A Man and A Woman

2016012000787_1This is rare. I woke up this morning and thought I must watch A Man and A Woman before Bel removes it from Plex. Of course, I was battling with myself, too. I’m not a fan of watching Korean movies. But remembering that Gong Yoo and Jeon Do Yeon are in it, I thought I should give it a try. And guess what? It was worth my time. One hour and 55 minutes worth of my time. I didn’t give up my sleep for nothing! The movie was excellent! I blushed, giggled, shocked, and cried. Yes, A Man and A Woman is worth your time, too!


The story is simple. And the show was done in the most simplistic way yet beautifully choreographed. The subtleness of the two leads really produced the most desirable chemistry you did not expect to see. Despite few nudity scenes, I believe they were necessary to show how important they are to each other. Wait, important is too subtle to describe. Desire. They each desire for each other’s warmth. Why? Loneliness is a scary thing. This is my second movie with Jeon Do Yeon. I first saw her in Way Back Home. I was struck by her soft beauty, elegant and powerful acting. And Gong Yoo… I don’t recall I have seen him in movies. Hmmm, maybe not too many. But in this one, he really stole my heart. He showed me his vulnerability and weakness through his eyes yet gave that happy and warmth smile despite his own problem. If I have my way, I would give Gong Yoo an Oscar!


So how it began? Sang Min and Ki Hong met in Helsinki. They both sent their kids to a camp for special kids. Sang Min felt lonely after her autistic son left. She had doubt for leaving him in the hand of others. Kin Hong noticed her and offered a ride to the camp. On the way back to Helsinki, the road got blocked by snow and they were forced to camp out in a deserted cabin. One lead to another, they both spent a night there. In the arms of each other. The next day, they parted their ways without sharing their names and background. How could they spend one passionate night without introducing themselves? I guess the two were hoping to bury their one-night stand and moving one with their lives.


Fast forward into the future, Ki Hong happened to walk pass Sang Min’s workplace. She is the CEO of a fashion boutique. I feel that Ki Hong planned out this meeting. He wanted to see her. It seems too obvious to just coincidently passing by her boutique. They chatted and moved on. But Ki Hong seemed to be falling for her deeply. He is a married man with a troubled wife and daughter. Sang Min is married, too. Her husband is a success man who wants a good life for his autistic son. Ki Hong couldn’t keep her away and continuously following her around. Even to Busan. Sang Min tried hard to resist but in the end, she, too, fell hard for him. They are both two lonely souls who wish they could put their misery lives behind and stay together.


This is a beautiful movie. Even though the act  is forbidden by any religion, culture and standard, I found myself forgiving these poor souls. These two not only love each other, they seek each other for comfort. A Man and A Woman reminds me of April Snow. Both movies share the same plot: seeking each other for comfort. I must say though that this movie may not be your cup of tea if you despise a cheating act. But believe me, this movie convinced me that their adulterous act is, without a doubt, a good reason!


9 thoughts on “Just Watched: A Man and A Woman

  1. Yes, as much as I hate adultery themes, I was totally drawn into these two souls that were suffering in silence; him with a wife who was nuts, a daughter suffering from that influence; and a woman handling her son’s autism brilliantly I might add but definitely alone. I had no idea going in what the movie was about, I just saw two great leads and dived into it. Glad I did!


    • I’m so glad I saw this. In fact, I’m having withdrawal after this movie. Hence, I couldn’t watch any dramas after that. The movie was so moving I started watching clips after clips on YT.

      I’m really drawn to the simplistic of this movie. I want to watch more movies by this director. He seems to have a reputation for producing this style of movie.

      Gong Yoo’s eyes captivated me big time. He’s such a good actor!!!

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  2. I just watched it last night and am glad I did. Really beautiful acting and directing. As I was watching their doomed love affair, I kept thinking what a train wreck the coming together of the lovers as family would be. Having 2 special needs children felt overwhelming to me

    Of course, the little twist, that she changed her mind towards him and he changed his mind away from her leaves open a host of possibilities.

    The statistics just released regarding loveless and sexless marriages in Korea and Japan add to the melancholy.


  3. It felt like they were meant to be together but their timing was off and circumstances didn’t permit it. My imagination wants to rewrite the ending. I can’t blame him for not stopping though. What could he do, really? Ugh… he wanted to though. He really loved her. They both really loved each other.


  4. A beautiful movie with a very sad ending. Beautiful acting, chemistry, actor, actress, the scenes and the music really carry you away from the reality. The loneliness is so obvious that make you feel sad. I am impressed how delicate the characters were portrayed in different environments. In Finland, Jeon Do Yoen looked very depressed, no make up, bad hair, normal clothes, however she was completely transformed in Korea with the stylish clothes, good haircut with the make up and look very successful. But in both places, she was very lonely and sad which make the feeling obvious and real.

    So sad that finally she found the courage to leave anything behind but he can’t do that. As the mother of 2 children, I understand the feeling how your big decisions are being made because of the children.


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