Wednesday Eu-Mak: I’m Into You

Into_You_1_lgfm00Yeap, I’m so Into You! Well, not you silly! I’m into Eric Nam’s and Kolaj’s Into You! I’m so in love with this song. It’s been on repeat last week and to be honest, it really keeps me going. I was extremely busy and depressed last week. Too many reports, work assignments, negotiations, and just endless emails. For the first time in life, I really felt suffocated. Into You was my drug at work. Thanks, Eric and Kolaj. This song is the bomb!

Eric-Nam-KOLAJ (1)

I personally think Eric should do more songs like this. His voice is off the chart! And the song is so happening it will be my jam for weeks! And the song fits our current season now. I could picture Into You gets play in the club or by the beach and the song will be on repeat for days. I hope Eric will do more collaboration in future. This is a great start! He should just come back coz he will be so popular here in the States! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to work and listening to my jam… So take me over!


What do you think?

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