Currently Watching: Lucky Romance


A math genius falling in love with a beauty? It’s Beauty and the Beast, but only funnier! Hell ya, I’m watching it! Why should I not, right? The show is just hilarious, cute and bubbly. I really can’t. I look forward to Lucky Romance every week. The show is so light and easy to watch. There is no angsty whatsoever here. The so-called villain? Where? I don’t see it! Exactly, yeoreobun, this show is such an easy watch I’m surprised that it will end next week! I know! Time flies and this time, it really did fly way too fast!


The reason I started Lucky Romance was because of Hwang Jung Eum. She’s my babe. I pretty much have seen most of her recent dramas. Most people dislike her because she tends to scream a lot. I admit her screams can be super screechy but because I’m biased, I tend to accept it. But I had a fear with her co-star Ryu Joon Yeol. When the network announced that these two are the OTP, I had mixed feelings. I couldn’t picture these two together. This is my time watching Ryu Joon Yeol. I did not watch his Reply 1988 but many raves his acting skill. Ironically I did pray before I started Lucky Romance! I’m glad I did; Lucky Romance is worth my time!


Back to the story, it is definitely Beauty and the Beast style. Sort of. He’s not really literally a beast but he is definitely moody, quirky, weird, and can be a total nut case! You just have to see the way he behaves. Su Ho is the genius behind Zeze, a famous game developer company. So he hired Bo Nui as a consultant after watching her game pitch. He decided to take up on her idea and develop it. Bo Nui is a superstitious girl. She has been very unlucky in life. Her parents died early and she’s left to care for herself and baby sister. And her younger sister met into a deadly accident and was left in a coma.


Bo Nui listens to her fortune teller religiously. So in whatever she does, she will seek advice and guidance through fortune teller. It was him that told her that she needs to sleep with a man to wake her baby sis from her coma. But, there is one condition! The man has to be born with a tiger sign. Guess who was born in the year of tiger? Su Ho! She pursued him badly but he refused. They even signed a contract but he just couldn’t sleep with her until one day when he saw her so desperately agreed to sleep with another man that he finally, sort of, agreed to sleep. Just sleep. And the curse was reversed. Her sister awake. But the curse also said that she should sleep with him, not to fall in love with him. Too late because the two fell in love! Zeze took a toll when the released game came with a deadly virus. Su Ho volunteered to leave the company and accepted the fate of his future.


Bo Nui fell bad and reached out to her fortune teller. Unfortunately, she was told to leave him in order to put things back to where it should. So our suspicious girl is torn and debating what to do. So should she listen to the fortune teller and leave Su Ho (which eventually saving Zeze), or should she ignore and let the fate deal with her future? Yeap, it is tough to decide. At this point, I already knew the answer but I won’t say much since we are two episodes to finish. Lucky Romance is an easy watch, so please, do add it to your watch list!

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