Breaking News: Bombastic


I was in Dubai when I saw this clip and seriously I fell off my chair from laughing too hard! I just can’t! The handsome Park Bo Gum looks hilarious! His dance was on point! Even I can’t help but dance with him! The song itself is so appropriate! Who would have thought Jessy Matador’s 2011 Bombastic would be used for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds teaser? Seriously, Jessy is going to be famous!!!

Back to Park Bo Gum, he will play the Crown Prince who fell in love with a crossed dressed Hong Ra On. Yeap, anything with a cross-dressing drama theme, I am in!!! Holla! You can tell how exstatic I am for this drama. The teaser alone is effing bombastic!!! Is it bad that I’m already falling for the teaser not knowing how well this drama would be? We all know KBS dramas tend to go south. I cringed when I heard Moonlight is a KBS drama but I vowed to stick to it! I’m glad August is around the corner. I am excited to watch it!

Tell me if you, too, fell for it!!! Seriously Park Bo Gum!!!! You really slayed in this vid! This clip really made my morning 10 times better (even though I should be sleeping now!). The way he danced and bit his lower lips…. Aaaaaaarghh I’m so dead!!!! Bo Gum ahhhh…. don’t do this to your fans! Below is the making of the clip! Oy….. you must watch it till the end! Cutie, sexy, kitty… woof woof! *laughs hard*



6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Bombastic

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