Currently Watching: Happy Negative Marriage


I started Happy Negative Marriage based on Bel‘s recommendation. She was watching it on Viki and thought I should watch it too. This drama is an interesting watch. Only 7 episodes long, I thought I should not be worried and I could complete it easily. Well, it turns out, this drama is quite provocative and I cannot watch it while my son is around! Wow, thanks Bel… I did not expect it to be somewhat explicit! *laughs*


You see, I thought it is going to be cute and funny like my other current Japanese drama, Happy Marriage (review will be up soon). Nope, Happy Negative Marriage is not cute! But it is funny! Not funny ha ha but funny enough! You just have to watch it if a sex-theme drama is fine with you. This drama is based on manga of the same title. The manga itself is quite explicit! You’re warned in case you are curious about it!


The story is pretty sad actually. Sato is basically a 30-year old virgin. He splits his time between his work as a dedicated factory worker  and his private life in his work dormitory watching porn films. Life is pretty suck for him. What makes it harder is that he’s extremely shy and super nerdy. He has never been in love nor spent time with a woman. On his 30th birthday, his colleagues set him a blind date with Akio. It was an immediate love with Sato. And on that very first date, he had the opportunity to sleep with her. She was drunk. Although he could have done it so, somehow he didn’t feel it was right to “sleep” with her and so he stayed up with her and left the next day.


Akio has a drinking problem.  She has low tolerance in alcohol and soon after she drinks, she will pass out right away. She knew her problem and was worried that Sato rejects her immediately. But for Sato, that first night was magical. He was shocked that a beautiful woman would go out with him. When she accepted his second invitation to date, he was overjoyed and happy. They soon had several dates after that. However, when he asked permission to marry Akio from her dad, he was flat out rejected! Akio’s dad feels that Sato wants to marry his daughter for a wrong reason. Did he smell Sato’s desperation? But, at the same time, Akio has a problem too. I’m currently on episode 4 and can’t really figure out why she’s rushing this marriage. She forced Sato to approach her dad again. But Sato felt overwhelmed and confused by her dad’s accusation. He started to question her feelings, too!


I have three episodes left. I don’t know what would become of this couple. He wants Akio for lust. She wants Sato to escape her problem. Would these two find their happy ending? Or would they go their separate ways? This 2014 drama did not get a good review on MDL. I could see why. It started funny but it went all serious after episode 2. I am not sure whether I would recommend Happy Negative Marriage. It can be offensive to female watchers. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it just because… This is a watch-at-your-own-risk drama.

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