Just Dropped: Modern Farmer


Yeap, another drama going to my chopping block! This drama has been on my current watch list since 2014! Erl and I were watching it together. She recaps and blogs it on her blog. But after a while, we somewhat lost track of ourselves and slowly forgot about Modern Farmer. It’s almost two years now and it is safe to say we are dropping the show for good. Neither one of us wants to complete it. We don’t even talk about it now… It slowly seeping out of our minds.


Modern Drama is a comedy drama of a bankrupt rock singer and turned into farming to earn money. But he’s not doing it alone. He recruited his bandmates as well. So, many things took place when they are in the countryside. A lot of issues but a lot of fun watching them going through the hardship. It is funny to watch it but not funny to be part of it. We have seen 13 episodes and… *sigh* that’s that. Rest in peace, Modern Farmer. I will try to finish you when I have the luxury to do so.



6 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Modern Farmer

  1. Tee hee. You’re on a roll with the dropped posts! But I feel ya.. Sometimes it’s impossible to keep watching so many shows, especially when so much time has passed and you can’t muster up the interest anymore.


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