Wednesday Eu-Mak: Stay Gold with Neon Bunny

a3232793875_10When Neon Bunny released Stay Gold early this month, I was stoked! I was beyond words when she started tweeting her upcoming album. I had all this anticipation in my head and wondered how she would shape her next album. It turns out, Stay Gold is more than gold!!! This album was done by a perfectionist! She incorporated a traditional element into Romance in Seoul, which I found out so soothing. What an awesomesauce track! Her voice is so breathtaking. She made Stay Gold a beautiful album.

Which one of her songs from this album is my favorite? This really a nerve wrecking question. I’m speechless. One minute I love Room 314, another minute I love Ai. Really, you can’t trust me at all. I’m a flip flopper! I love all the songs. And the fact that she included It’s You, I am more than pleased! I have owned this track since last year. It’s my song especially when I travel. It really represents the pace of my life.

My last tweet with Neon Bunny (yes, she handles her own twitter account!) was that it will be available on iTunes soon. But do I care? I bought her digital album immediately! You don’t need to think twice when comes to her album. She delivers and knows her fans so well. I’m so proud of her and can’t get enough of Stay Gold. This album arrived just in time. It will be my perfect autumn album!


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