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I was supposed to start ON Ijou Hanzai Sousakan Todo Hinako but the error on episode 1 forces me to start Aquarium Girl instead. This 7 episodes drama finished airing yesterday and I’m currently trying to finish it before catching up with other dramas. Aquarium Girl is an easy watch drama. I didn’t even realize that I’ve seen 4 episodes already! See what I mean? Plus, it is a family-friendly drama. My son is enjoying it as much as I do! Well, the fish and dolphins made him drawn to it.01e8X6y4_434801_fAquarium Girl is a unique show. I enjoy the premise so much. I mean leave it up to Japanese to come up with a story that is based in an aquarium. You don’t see something like this in Korean dramas. I enjoyed most of the characters. For the most part, of course. I was frustrated with Yuka’s boss, her ex-boyfriend aka workmate, and Kaji, her new senior at the aquarium. Kaji was not willing to open up. His resentment towards Yuka was frustrating to watch. He was so defensive and hard headed. He was determined to send Yuka back to the head office in Tokyo. And Yuka, felt out of place, is determined to finish her assignment and leave the place forever. But… D3mjmrY4_aae7ae_fWhen Yuka was transferred to the aquarium, she thought it was a temporary transfer. She was tasked to complete her new assignment as a trainer within a week. Well, needless to say, she failed. I don’t blame her. Who can train a sick dolphin to do somersaults in a week? Time was running out and Yuka was desperate. Her pretentious boss told her ex-bf aka workmate he purposely placed Yuka in the aquarium with an intention to kick her out of the company for good. Yuka happened to hear the conversation and decided to abandon her meeting with the men. 91MbYqPL_248ef2_fBy episode 4, Yuka succeeded in her training. Kaji has softened up with her as well. Her ex-bf is impressed with her sudden improvement. But Yuka… Having to hear that awful conversation, will she continue to pester her boss to take her back to Tokyo or accept her fate and be a trainer in the aquarium? I’m curious myself. She has a bubbly personality so I feel she should survive well in her new workplace. But what her heart say? I’m looking forward to the next 3 episodes. Do I expect a love blossom with Kaji? Highly doubt they will. Then again, who knows! W197yED3_4c8a1b_f



6 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Aquarium Girl

  1. Definitely a drama you start watching then realize how interesting it is and you immediately recognize the detail in the subject matter. The actors spent a lot of time studying aquarium life! I’m impressed.


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