Breaking News: Happy Wedding Day, Wallace Huo & Ruby Lin!


And I woke up with wedding photos of my lovely Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin!!! It’s a bittersweet to watch him end his life singlehood and enter to hell marriage hood. Happy Wedding Day to the couple! I wish them all the best and for an everlasting marriage.

The wedding venue looks super gorgeous. The place was showered with pink flowers. Wallace is definitely a romantic guy!

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And speaking of romantic…. Someone pointed out that all the money in the red packet is from the year 2005… The year he and Ruby met. Wow, how thoughtful!


Ruby appeared to broke into tears during the tea ceremony. I don’t blame her. It is the official and traditional Chinese wedding for most of us, too. But look at her beautiful red dress. I approve!


Here is an up close photo of the groom. Sorry, I failed to find a bigger one!!!


And the moment we are waiting for…. Some of the wedding photos I was able to get!

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The best part of the wedding is when Wallace said to Ruby “I’ve known you for so long. I was so lucky to become your friend in the past. Now we’ve become husband and wife, I feel even luckier. We might have many ups and downs in the future. There will be many turns and tests. I hope we can work things out together, hand in hand, and face our future life together. I love you.

I wonder who took a close up photo on the wedding ring… *wink*


As usual, every wedding must be accompanied by pre-wedding photo sessions. Here are the pictures! They look stunning!!!!

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Lastly, the seal-the-deal kiss! Congratulations again, Ruby and Wallace! Look at how cute they are together!


Wait!!!! Wallace ahhhhh…. another mobile phone! You’re dead fine, I’m okay with that *wink*


You can see more photos on Wallace Huo Forum and Wallace Huo Info.




6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Happy Wedding Day, Wallace Huo & Ruby Lin!

  1. Omg everything looks amazing Ruby is gorgeous in her traditional dress and the red envelope thing is so sweet, like they were destined to be. The whole ceremony looked amazing and I love how you crossed out life and hell😂😂😂


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